Top 5 Amazing Apps 2018

amazing apps

Check out this video to find out all that there is to these awesome Android apps. Get insights, information and acknowledge details about these apps that no one ever told you before Check them out right here! Gallery Doctor Gallery Doctor is not a photo manager, it’s a photo cleaner app. It removes all the … Read more

Meta Workspace Demo

meta workspace demo

In the tech industry, “dogfooding” is a common term that describes when companies make employees use the software and hardware. They make so that bugs can be caught and everyday improvements can be dreamed before the product ever hits the market. Recently, the most powerful companies in Silicon Valley have shown significant interest in augmented … Read more

Review of the Foodpanda App

on demand food delivery app

FoodPanda is probably the oldest form of an online ordering system that made ordering food “online” possible. So, while people were fighting with restaurants for no minimum orders for delivery and other such things, FoodPanda entered the market and changed the whole concept. See people are saying on Foodpanda reviews. So, what is FoodPanda, really? … Read more