postmates app review

Postmates is a mobile application that lets clients order almost everything they want, including private items, provisions, and restaurant meals. The quintessence of the app is that it allows clients to receive the items that they have placed an order for in under an hour.

It seems like a straightforward idea, but this startup has in fact been valued at a whopping $400 million. Since its launch, it has become a pretty huge success. It has become the harbinger on the on-demand economy. It ascertains that anyone who knows how to use a smartphone can get whatever they want to deliver to their home, without ever having to leave their sofa.

Fascinatingly, if you’re trying to start a career with Postmates, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that if you wish to register into the app as a service provider you can do it even if you don’t have a big vehicle. You can go about delivering stuff on your feet if you’d like!

Anyone who doesn’t like tied down to a desk job and would rather have flexible timings and enjoy a “be your own boss” attitude would find being a part of the Postmates group. Let us try to understand what the Postmates app is exactly and how it works.

How Does app Work? Postmates review

Postmates is an app that empowers its user to get anything that their city has to offer delivered right to their doorstep in a matter of minutes. Using the platform, users can order food from

  • Juice bars,
  • delis,
  • restaurants,
  • food truck
  • essentials from a clothing shop,
  • a drugstore,
  • liquor store,
  • grocery store.

The most popular orders typically come from food locations, but Postmates states that you can ask for a delivery from almost anywhere, for almost anything.

From a courier point of view, most Postmates Couriers are typically supposed to make themselves available to take an order. Once they do take an order, they will be responsible for the particular order. As more and more orders keep coming in throughout the day, more and more delivery personnel keep getting jobs and keep earning money.

Most of the times, what happens is that the order only involves a simple pick up from one location and a delivery at the other location. However, sometimes, the order involves the person to stick around and wait for it to get ready. When the order is prepared the delivery person will take it and deliver it to the given destination.


Since the Postmates courier is the one who will be handling the order, they will need to have all the information regarding the order. They will take all clear information regarding everything that is there in the particular order. The courier can call the customer to take any extra details if needed.

Usually, the payment for the order, in case of new item purchase or food order, is made using a PEX card that is issued by Postmates. However, the Courier might choose to pay by cash as well if the other party refuses to accept the payment.

Once the courier has picked the order up, it will be up to him or her to reach to the drop location and deliver the item in question. Popularly couriers choose to use their cars because it has inbuilt GPS systems, however, there is no compulsion.

What is excluded in the Delivery circle?

Although the range of items that they deliver is pretty diverse, there are few things that they refrain from delivering. They are:

  • guns
  • drugs
  • gift cards
  • explosives
  • live animals
  • any controlled or illegal substances

On the whole

The postmates app is a fantastic and revolutionary system of making deliveries much easier in the world. if you too want to get into an app-based business then buying a postmates clone might be a great idea! Alternatively, you can also choose to build an on-demand delivery app.

By Anurag Rathod

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