recovery plan
October 16, 2020
7 Effective Tips to Create a Solid Disaster Recovery Plan

“When disaster strikes, it tears the curtain away from the festering problems that we have beneath them.”—Barack Obama According to disaster recovery statistics, downtime can cost businesses anywhere from $10,000 (small businesses) to $5 million (large scale enterprises) every hour.

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eco-friendly b2b
February 4, 2020
How to Become an Eco-Friendly B2B Company

If we look around, the environment has become too toxic for living creatures to survive. Not only the air pollution is making things worse for the creatures, but the extensive use of plastic is one worst-case scenario we all know.  

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February 1, 2020
Colin Palfrey on Becoming a Ghostwriter

Do You know about Ghostwriter? Colin Palfrey is a full time author and ghostwriter, with many years experience behind him.  While he has had much success as an writer, he now also works to help other aspiring authors and is currently in the process of setting up his own publishing house. 

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