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FoodPanda is probably the oldest form of an online ordering system that made ordering food “online” possible. So, while people were fighting with restaurants for no minimum orders for delivery and other such things, FoodPanda entered the market and changed the whole concept. See people are saying on Foodpanda reviews.

So, what is FoodPanda, really?

Foodpanda is a kind of an online souk for food ordering. It’s an online ordering portal that cumulates the best restaurants in your neighborhood and enables you to make a selection. All you will need to do is select your location and will be shown a list of all the restaurants in and around your area that serve the food that you are looking for.

The app is pretty simple. You choose from the list of restaurants. Once you make the choice, you will be able to enter the restaurant’s menu and choose the item that you want to place an order for. Now you can add these items to your cart. After this, simply check out and make the payment.

Options for payment

With different people, the needs are different. While some people enjoy instant payment deductions from the app through a credit card or a debit card, there are others who would be much more comfortable with the idea of cash on delivery.

The foodpanda app allows the users to do either. The user can choose whether they would pay using cash when the food is delivered, or will they prefer having it cashless with a card transfer payment right at the time of order booking.

Navigation and usability

The app seems to be very user-friendly. The users first need to download the app onto their devices. Once they have done that, they can register into the app by creating their own login.  For this sign up procedure they will have to fill in all the necessary information like name, emails ID, phone number etc.

The user can also choose to sign up and log in using any of the social media accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter etc. Once this process is completed, the User can use the app to order any item from the menus mentioned in the app for their favorite restaurants.

What are the components of the app? Foodpanda reviews

A food delivery app is a complex affair. There are too many factors included in it. The user app is just one side of the application. A food delivery app has the following components:

  1. User app: This side of the application enables the Users to place an order for the food.
  2. Restaurant app: This side of the application is there with the Restaurant. They can monitor and process orders from here.
  3. Driver App: the driver side of the application enables the driver to receive order requests, navigate to the pickup location and deliver the order at the right place.
  4. User web Panel: The Users can log in through the website as well.
  5. Restaurant web panel: The restaurant can monitor the whole management from here which is the web panel.
  6. Driver web panel: Drivers can access their profile and accounts from the web panel as well.
  7. Admin Panel: this is the master panel of the app. The admin panel is what controls the entire application. The app owner or the admin can monitor, manage and regulate all the fields including price etc.

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By Anurag Rathod

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