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It’s really nice to always be surrounded by company and better yet when they keep admiring you for your hosting skills. It’s all too good when you know someone is coming, not so good when you are totally unprepared and don’t know what to do. At weekends, you love to invite your so called favourite friends at your home for dinner, lunch or for any other event & party. But sometime it happens when few guests arrives at your place without even letting you know. And this situation can be a typical one.

What if all your prepared dishes went off and your refrigerator is out of stock? Well, it can be a moment when you might have to face shame in front of your uninvited guest. But, you do not need to worry more about it. Just be calm and try to arrange some food or try any online food delivery app.

Well, here’s a cheat sheet to prepare you for the most unexpected situations when guests arrive using foodora clone.

Keep an empty cupboard handy

Never underestimate the power of empty storage space. The biggest concern when you have unexpected guests is that your house has a lot of clutter. Things strewn everywhere! Kid’s homework, some clothes you dried that afternoon, dirty shoes or your office paperwork, the list of things that can plague your drawing room is quite unending. This is why keeping some empty storage space handy is the best way to quickly get the clutter out of the way when people are visiting.

Live Organized

Handling a whole house is any day tougher than handling it in sections. If you live an organized and arranged life, you will find that you are always ready and equipped to entertain people. This is because if you keep your home organized, you will never run around like a headless chicken when someone knocks at the door. You will be knowing where the things are kept. You can quickly pull them out till then you can preheat the oven and take the crystal ware out without spending any time in looking for it.

Dress to impress

Dress well all the time. Period. If you really want to impress the people that visit you and if you host very often, it is best to always stay ready to receive guests. No matter how comfortable your mother’s sweater was or how roomy your husband’s holey t-shirt is DO NOT WEAR IT. Wear clothes that aren’t too flashy like you are going to a party the next instance, and yet decent enough for you to hit the road. If you look good, and make a few mistakes in hosting people, they will be kind to you and overlook them. If you look like a pig, then your guests will assume that you live in a pig sty.

Don’t ignore the bathroom

We forget about this place completely. That is the worst mistake you can make. Make sure that you clean your bathroom so that in case someone comes over unexpectedly, he doesn’t have to see it at its worst. It is anyway a healthy practice to keep your washrooms absolutely clean. No one wants to go to a stink pod. And if someone were to reveal that your washrooms are terrible, then that is the worst introduction you can ever have. You know, toilet humor always sticks.

No matter what you serve, serve it in style

These days, it’s more important how you package things than the real thing inside. Presentation is key. If you can present things in the right way, you will surely be the talk of the town and in a good way. Invest once in expensive crockery and cutlery. If people are just dropping in for a couple of beers, take the extra effort of pouring them into beautiful glasses rather than serving them out of the pint. Encourage your guests to hang around a little more so you can flaunt your whiskey glasses and other bar tools. Keep surfing the internet and find out unique serve ware and how to do some crazy and unexpected things to keep your guests guessing!

Order in

Food delivery is a very popular thing these days. When people visit you, more often than not, they do so, to spend time with you. What a waste it is when you hole up in the kitchen trying to cook something and your guests feel sorry about making you uncomfortable. Go for the easier option of getting food delivered to your doorstep with the multiple food delivery apps available in the market.

Simply order food from online food delivery app and enjoy multiple dishes at the same time with your friends and family. Through online food delivery app, you ask your guest what they wanted to eat. As you might not know the food you will be cooking for them will be their choice or not. Not only from one hotel or restaurant, you can given them a choice from many food cooking places as these apps has many partners.

Just order food and pay through online payment to get extra cash back or discount offer through coupon code. You can even pay when the delivery person arrives at your place with your food package. This is how you can bring smiles to your uninvited guest faces without any difficulties.

Start your own business with Foodora clone

Wondering how having your own business makes you a good host? Well, if you get an app like the foodora clone, a very popular food delivery app, you will know everything there is to great food joints, awesome party places, and entertaining guests. What’s more, such a business doesn’t require any effort from you. You basically just invest in these apps once and lay back and make money. Since you have so much free time on your hands, you will be able to host people without any troubles!

By Anurag Rathod

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