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No matter how many times you travel by air, you will always find that luggage always creates a problem. One way or another, your bags will give you some trouble. The problem however, is not with us. The problem is that we aren’t attentive to the problems that we face. We face issues; we get hassled immediately, find a solution immediately and then completely forget about it in my next travel.

Humans, as a breed are inherently callous. We don’t like paying attention to things that we don’t think are important and just let things by. But we’ll think about eating dessert on a full stomach, but we’ll forget about carrying our tickets.

This is why we should have a smart checklist while packing our bags to survive an airport peacefully. Here’s what you should pay attention to:

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Essentials stay on you

Anything that is an absolute essential for survival should be carried in your hand luggage. Carry at least one extra pair of clothes, fresh undergarments, basic toiletries, tampons, sanitary pads, a towel, important medicines, laptop, phone, chargers, power bank, a scarf, and swimsuits. Basically, you need to keep everything that will be hard to replace immediately in case you lose the rest of your baggage or in case of an emergency landing.

Know what’s not allowed

It’s silly when people travel hundreds of time via airplanes and yet end up making the same mistakes over and over again and cursing themselves under their breath. The problem is that we have never really paid true attention to what the rules really said. We have half of our knowledge based on assumption and about one fourth based on experience. The remaining one fourth is a blank screen. Take a minute to read what you can and cannot carry. Make a clear note of it mentally. This truly helps.

Avoid liquid stuffs

In many countries, carrying a water bottle is not an issue for the airport security. But still, there are countries where water bottles and other kinds of liquid stuff are not allowed to be carried while travelling in their flight. At the time of checking, all the liquid filled carry bags, bottles and containers will be separated from your luggage.

Even deodorants and hair gel is not allowed to carry while travelling through certain airlines. Except medicines, no other liquid is allowed by the airport security. Medicines are only allowed if you have a doctor’s prescribed confirmation document. Or else, you will be fined heavily.

Ready access pouch

Don’t you hate it when someone waits in line with you for about twenty minutes doing nothing, but the moment it’s his turn on the counter, he starts digging into his bag. Then digs.  And digs. And takes forever to pull out his tickets and passport. Don’t be that guy. The one behind the counter will hate you; the one behind you will hate you even more. Keep a ready pouch that can hold you ID card, your passport, tickets, cash and other important things. This will save a lot of time and keep you flying through the entire process of security check ins.

Wear All You Can

No one likes to pay for excess baggage. So be wise and wear as much as you can on yourself so that you can make your bags lighter. Layer your clothes and wear your heaviest boots. Put on a heavy jacket. Don’t wear light clothes and leave the heavy stuff in the bags.

Use plastic wrap for ANY bottle

If it is a bottle, work with an assumption that it will leak. Whether it is a tube or a bottle or a jar. Anything that carries any liquid or cream should be doubly secured with plastic wraps and covers. You can use Ziploc bags too as they ensure no liquid seeps out.

Keep extra bags

Keep a couple of paper bags or plastic bags handy. You never know when you will face a situation that might require for you to keep things securely. It is also a useful thing as a sickness bag or a bag to hold trash when you can’t find a dustbin.


You can carry ashes with you. Whether you can carry it in your hands or can keep it in your bag. But you have to be sure that the ashes container should be sealed packed. It should also have a relevant document to show up at the airport. Documents like death certificate given by the government of the country.

Before you complete all the checking process, the ashes container will be go through a screening test. If you don’t want airport official to do screening of the ashes container, tell them that you are carrying ashes of someone very close to you. With taking care of all your sentiments, the airport security will let you pass the ashes without giving any trouble to you.

Travel light

One indisputable thing is that you should always pack light. Don’t worry too much about what matches with what. Travel only with things those are important. Packing light helps in moving around easily and also in accessing things better. The more things you carry, the more complex packing will get. You won’t be able to organize your stuff in the right way.


Yes, if the size of the drones is small then you can carry with yourself without any screen test. But make sure you carry it with yourself in your hand bag.

Remember what you did

It’s easy to pack stuff right once and then forgetting it the next time. Please remember the experience you enjoyed when you packed right. Follow the basics and travel will be a breeze. Book a ride from an On Demand Airport Ride app that will get you a ride instantly and on fair rates. Don’t repeat your mistakes and your journey should be perfect!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.