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We have all heard about different facilities coming up for the disabled people. However, what’s new in the market and is making waves is the bike pooling app BY the disabled! Wondering what it means? Well, here’s a thing.

There are many people around the world who find it hard to find a job because of their handicap. The world has moved quite ahead with respect to making modifications in existing infrastructure to facilitate people with special needs. There are many medical inventions you can find that can easily hide the disability of anyone. However, it cost too much to afford in the present days.

You will find many vehicles customized and designed to ensure people drive comfortably in spite of their handicap.

You will also locate ramp ways built at different places to ensure they travel without any difficulty.

Having said this, it is still true that it is difficult for people with a special problem to find ordinary jobs. Many jobs require a lot of traveling etc. there, anyone with a disability will find it very hard to work normally. This is why scope of earning is limited. They can either be chained to a desk job or not have a job at all.

The concept of a bike taxi

A bike taxi is when a motor bike, scooter or any kind of 2-wheeler for that matter is used commercially for rides.

This is a relatively new concept but quickly gained global appeal because it is fast, cheap and much more convenient in comparison to booking conventional taxis.

Since you will find specialized and custom vehicles developed to cater to the needs of special people, these vehicles too can be used for commercial purpose. A bike taxi by disabled is not only a novel concept but also a very practical solution to a big problem of unemployment for the disabled.

Many countries observe the disabled rejected for jobs. People do not understand the reduction of employability scale and just don’t allow disabled people to work. That is why disabled people have no support and no source of income. But this idea has become an inspiration for many handicapped people all around the world. Disabled people have many paths to earn good amount of money through working in various ways.

They can get themselves register to these bike taxi app and can be a part of a taxi providing company. With little customization in a vehicle, an individual can start picking up a customer from their location and can drop with ease. This can be a fun job.

How does the app work?

The bike taxi app by the disabled works pretty much in the same fashion as does any other taxi application. This system comprises of a driver app, a rider app and an admin panel. After downloading, a driver has to register on it. Ride can register using any social media ID such as Facebook; Twitter etc. After that, the driver can make himself available to accept rides.

The Rider app also works pretty much in the same fashion. The rider need to download the app and use any social media ID to log in to the app. User can also create the new ID and sign up into the bike pooling app by putting in number and id. After that, the user can start booking bike rides from the app.

Comparison Between App of Rider and Driver

App for both, driver and rider are very handy to use. Their user interface is very simple to use and designed primarily for the use of every age group which includes kids, adults and senior citizen.

Features and functions are placed with easy language so everyone can understand the same perfectly.

App navigation is simple to understand. One can easily find out every single within a minute. People will become familiar with this app within a day or two. Quick navigation map is provided in both the app.

For driver’s app, map is provided to locate rider and in rider’s app, map helps locate driver.

The admin panel is practically the brain of the app. Everything that happens in the app, happens through the admin. The admin basically is the owner of the application. This is why the admin panel has all the rights to check, monitor and manage all the operations in the app.

The admin has the rights to set prices, set commission and other relevant details. The admin panel will also help in showing the reports regarding what is happening through the app. This helps in monitoring the reports regarding income, rides booked etc.

How to get an bike pooling app?

If you really need to get an app, then you can conduct a search on the internet regarding a bike taxi app or bike pooling app. This search will show you a list of all the companies that are offering such apps. Take a demo of the apps and then you can decide what you want.

Whichever application you take a demo, just keep a note of every single function you like in those applications. This way you can even ask your developer to customize your app in such a form that it includes all your required functions. Add options that will eye-catching and are usable by your customers. Do try to fill your app with un-usable stuff that does not have any meaning. Also, if your budget is a bit higher then you can purchase a bike taxi app clone.

Make sure that you understand the app fully before buying it. You can try out the application before actually spending any money on it. This way there will be a surety that you have received what you wanted and not something that you did not want.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.