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Unemployment is a plague that haunts many countries around the world. People are struggling really hard to get a job so that they can feed their families. Now, not everyone is talented in something or another. Nor is everyone educated and qualified. But does that mean these people don’t have the right to make a decent amount of money to live a good life? The market today is cut-throat. But the present time has seen more entrepreneurs than ever.

Entrepreneurs are spread all around the world with their different and unique ideas to set up their own business. All they require is a platform to showcase their product. Still, there are many start-up players on the ground but they do not have a source of funding. As funding is one of the most initial steps in any business start-up. Funding means money investment to purchase and build all the essential assets to run a business. That’s how a business start-up begins.

Today, more and more people want to kick-start their own business ventures. This is because getting a job might be a great thing, but giving jobs is even better. But what business has scope for people to not at all be educated and still make money? Well, it is the Go-Food clone.

What is Go-Food?

Go-Food is the mobile application that allows people to order food get it delivered to their doorstep. This is a part of the Gojek app which ensures that more and more Ojek drivers (motorbike drivers) can get hired for various jobs and errands such as rides or deliveries.

Basically, Go-Food is as similar as other online food delivery apps that are available in the market. Presently, Go-Food is booming in Indonesia and soon it will be spreading all over the world. As the services of Go-Food depend on Gojek and Gojek is one of the successful platforms for commencing a good business. Whether it’s a Go-Food or any other service providing an app, the business is only known for its services. If the services of any business are committed for their customers, it will gain popularity within less period of time. And if the services are fake promises, very soon the business will taste the ground.

Now, the Go-food clone is an app that has been principally developed on the model of Go-Food. It allows individuals with any bike, scooter or cycle to register on the app as independent delivery drivers. Also, start accepting orders for making the deliveries. It allows the driver to get the exact drop location within the same app. For knowing the exact location, Google map is integrated that gives an accurate location with the help of GPS.

How the Go-food clone app works?

The app requires for individuals to first download it on their smartphones and then to register into it using their social media IDs. In case they don’t wish to do that for reasons like they don’t have a social media account or they don’t want to do it, they can create a new sign up and make their own new account using their phone numbers or email ID.

After this, they can control their profile. They can add personal information like their name, age, driving experience etc. They will also have to mention the kind of vehicle they are willing to offer their services in.

Now that all this is done, they will simply have to make themselves ONLINE so that they can start taking orders for food delivery. Once they do that, whenever anyone who is around where they are places an order for food delivery, a request will be generated and sent to all the ONLINE delivery drivers in their area.

Whoever accepts the request first gets the order. The delivery driver will get a request on their screen with a time window. If they do not accept the order within the time window, it will automatically get declined and the request will be passed on to the next driver.

This is an easy and effective method to ensure that whoever needs the job can take it and whoever wants to leave it has the choice to do so as well. With an option like this, the app becomes a tool to facilitate people to make a living on their own terms.

Becoming a Driver Need any Qualification?

For becoming a driver for Go-Food clone app, people do not require any qualification. For delivering food who requires a qualification? No one! All they have to do is to show courtesy and be polite to the customers. If you’re a business owner then consider hiring people who not good drivers but also good people. People who have a friendly human nature. A good nature somehow will help your customer to be familiar with your services.

What’s in it for entrepreneurs?

The entrepreneurs make a lot of money with such an app. A go-food clone is an app that will allow people from any corner of the world to set up an auto money generating business. This business requires little or no effort from the entrepreneur himself. There is a lot of speculation around the world about such apps. A study indicates that such an app is the most effective way of earning in the present time.

Food delivery apps are a trend these days. People don’t have any time to wait. if there are quite a few food delivery apps around the world. If one isn’t giving the user what they want they will immediately switch to the other one that does. Today people have a lot of option to choose from as online customers are increased drastically. People do not consider visiting restaurants or hotels, now they are having better option i.e. simple order food online while resting at home.

Ensure that you can capitalize on the concept of the Go-Food clone app as an entrepreneur. And yes! Whether you become a driver for Go-Food clone app or become an owner of this business, nothing requires any qualification. It is time for you to succeed!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.