What is NOC? 

A network operations center often implied as a NOC (pronounced “nock”) is a centralized administration location where complex IT networks are observed 24×7. NOCs are required by any organization with IT infrastructure that requires high connectivity — secured networks, servers, applications, and websites. NOC experts provide constant surveillance, maintenance, support, and troubleshooting to ensure optimal performance and uptime.

From corporate enterprises to non-profit organizations, NOCs are used over various enterprises and verticals. Given the size of an organization, experts may work from within a NOC command. And control room within a data center or corporate office, or from within an alternate, dedicated NOC facility.

Under the complexities and costs of operating a NOC, this critical function is often more budgetary when outsourced to a dedicated NOC services provider who will serve to upgrade an organization’s IT operations.

Different Tiers to Handling NOC Issues 

Levels are used to depict the levels of experts, system administrators, service professionals, and others on the IT staff. ExterNetworks can choose issues before they occur. Managing incidents is done remotely which allows outstandingly practical network operation centers to find issues before they happen in the network. The use of a ticketing system considers past issues that have been resolved to be made as reenactments to help avoid the same issues later on. 

Level 1(L1) engineers will do an analysis and investigation of support tickets reliant on the standard that has been set. When they can’t fix the issue it goes to an L2 engineer, and even L3 after that if L2 can’t find any solution for the current issue.

NOC: Better Data Management 

The solution is to have a data management system that efficiently accumulates service information and offers access to the reasonable data to the customer, the NOC, and the service professional.

In the current marketplace, the expert record his job activity and parts utilized in somehow. Regardless, how he records it, to whom he shares it, and what level of detail he gives remain as completely open.

Declaring essentials for service experts before the site visit and after fixes have been made vary from site to site. A couple of customers require notice 48 hours before site access. Some allow access at any point. A couple of customers require point by point repair information, and others simply should be informed that the NOTAM was closed.

The NOC is in a prime circumstance to manage, have and communicate a gigantic part of field tasks information, yet not all of it. Although it may be legitimate for the NOC to accumulate service notes and information about parts used, and pass those details along to the site owner, information of handling costs, (for instance, mileage, routine costs, material and hotel costs) are prohibitive to the service company. 

Hardware vendors made and run a bit of the current NOCs with a fundamental objective of keeping their feet in the door with the customer. They offer improved monitoring for sites furnished with the equipment they sell, and they offer adequate monitoring for sites with hardware from various dealers.

Cloud Data Management Services

No business can work without their data, their applications, and operations. Machines and hardware miss the mark, individuals commit errors, and nature is unusual, which is the reason you need a plan. 

When disaster strikes, every second your team is without data could be costing your business resources, money – and customers. 

ExterNetworks offer very snappy backup, recovery, and replication solutions as a part of managed data management services to help companies to avoid such disasters: 

  • Backup: speedy and trustworthy backup for all tasks at hand – virtual, physical and cloud 
  • Recovery: extraordinarily fast, strong restore for individual records, entire VMs and application things – promising you confidence in virtually every recovery circumstance 
  • Replication: modern, picture-based VM replication and streamlined disaster recovery – ensuring the Availability of your key applications

The Additional Services of the NOC Data Management Package

  • Email hosting services
  • Voice and video data management
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Data storage management
  • Power failure monitoring
  • Manage system back-ups
  • Vendor ticket management
  • Supervising common threats, DOS attacks and viruses
  • Hardware configuration including firewalls and routers
  • Network analysis and routine troubleshooting
  • Maintaining the stability of the core network
  • Supporting on-call rotation shifts 24/7 
  • Identification and prevention of any potential network
  • Making recommendations for improvements in organizational productivity and the network

ExterNetworks IT Solutions Advantages 

ExtNoc IT Solutions NOC team can quickly spot, limit, identify, investigate, and fix issues before they impact customers. Our clients always aware of their network’s prosperity through the information given by real-time viewpoints on network performance and availability insights, as well as point by point monitoring, collection, and assessment of information from switches, routers, servers, network logs, and some other SNMP engaged. 

Our NOC gives a variety of network services and solutions, including operational diagnostics; affiliation and process plan; systems utilization and team effort; and troubleshooting. 

Our outsourcing managed NOC services include issue resolving, performance monitoring, service level operations, managed Wi-Fi services as well as NOC engineer expert services.

Continuous Performance Monitoring 

Your organization requires perfect data management every day. Picking ExtNoc will incorporate automated quality assurance as well as data security/penetration testing and consolidate documented compliance testing by experienced industry specialists. 

Then again, a NOC will require an in-house staff to make or purchase programs to lead this same monitoring, as well as enlist and train staff to perform these activities. In many ExterNetworks service options, you can also include AI-driven initiatives for more intelligent and more instinctual incident response and remediation.

ExterNetworks Network Integrations 

For big business network executives, the development of network management tools and systems powers many to practice ‘swivel seat’ management, logging into and out of various systems that are not related to getting the major information about the status of network activities

Critical IT resources are consumed making reports to unify and relate that data across various monitoring platforms. Essential cost-efficiencies could be practiced by consolidating network management cost down to one device while extending visibility and getting insights into the overall quality of your network.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.