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Canon 100 pro setup- canon pro 100 wireless network setup

Canon 100 pro setup- canon pro 100 wireless network setup

Canon Pixma printer 100 pro is a printer, is a wireless professional ink jet photo printer, with a 4800 * 2400 DPI, Canon fine technology, with an ink drop resolution. In addition you can print on CD and DVD drives. Please create your customizable discs and jackets.

Some access points, often called routers and hub, feature an automatic connection. WPS which stands for wifi protected setup. This is the easiest way to connect the canon Pixma pro 100 printer. If your access point has WPS button, without needing a password to connect. Please select the WPS method for the connection of the printer.

If your access point, does not support the WPS button please use the standard connection method. Your network connection method is also given below.

The WPS connection can be installed once few conditions are met. If the WPS push button is available. If you do not have the WPS button, use the standard connection method.

Your wifi network must use a WPA network, and a WPA security protocol. Most WPS enabled protocols use the WPA network.

  • Make sure the printer is turned on.
  • Press and hold the wifi button in front of the printer for a few seconds.
  • Make sure this button, starts to flash the blue light.
  • Press the WPS button within 2 minutes.
  • The blue wifi lamp, on the printer, while searching for or connecting to the access point.
  • When the printer has successfully made a wifi connection to your wireless network.

Network Settings Connection:

  • To confirm that your printer is successfully connected, to your wireless network, you can printout, the network printer, of the printer you wish.
  • Make sure your network printer is turned on.
  • Load a sheet of A4, or letter sized plain paper.
  • Press and hold, the resume and cancel button. This button has to be pressed. The lamp light flashes 6 times. This step will print the network printer.
  • When referring to the printout, check the connection that indicates active. And the SSID indicates the correct name of the wireless network.

These steps conclude the WPS procedure.

Please install the software and then you can make the most out of your Pixma pro 100 printer.

If you don’t have the installation of the cd, that came with your product. Please download the manuals and software to continue.

If the wireless setup does not work properly, you can contact the customer care for further assistance.

Pixma pro printer from Canon is ideal for printing glossy photos. This printer comes with the following features.

It comes with an 8 color dye ink, this printer prints, this has chrome life 100 + technology, please note this printer is compatible with a wide range of paper media. From different paper manufacturers. The printer is an inkjet printer. The paper quality should be such which matches the standard of Pixma pro 100.  The print media that meets the criteria of the printer. Will display the Pixma printer pro partner mark.

Print up to A3 +size, for larger printer requirement, the canon Pixma pro 100 can print up to A3 size. To print your photos, in full size and glory. This printer is good for exhibition prints. You will be able to take advantage of its exceptional features, for best prints.

Features of Canon Pixma printer pro 100 are the following:

  • 4800 * 2400 DPI resolution
  • Print 8*10 in 51 seconds.
  • Wifi Ethernet Pic Bridge and Air print.
  • Canon prints with canon printer fine technology.
  • The Printer has an 8 cartridge ink system.
  • It provides a wide range of color cartridges out of which 3 are black inks for high resolution black inks.
  • The print studio pro is a software which provides optimal results for the photos being printed.
  • In the standard USB connection, you can connect the printer to the printer in both wireless and wired manner. Through the Ethernet network.
  • The Pixma pro 100, has multiple connectivity, you can easily print.
  • You can also print from a digital camera, with Pict bridge compatibility.

Printer speed is 8*10, this is approximately in 51 seconds, Image 1 minute and 30 seconds, Canon has a fine technology for printing. The next feature is true monochrome prints, this is an 8 ink printer with cartridge. System contains black, gray, light gray, these prints are delivered in enhanced variety of ink. You can create a dramatic grayscale of photography.

The built in Ethernet port, allow multiple users to print from networked computers. Pict Bridge allows you to print directly from camera, DV camcorder, and a camera phone.

Print photos, email, web documents, from Mac book, Iphone, Iphones, Ipads or install the printer driver directly without installing the driver.

How to setup Canon Pro printer 100 to wifi:

Canon Pro 100 printer is a specially designed printer which is used for printing photographs. You can also print your photographs directly from the digital cameras and the other media devices you can also print on the DVD and CD material and make photo jackets for your friends and family members.

It uses a 8 ink cartridge system out of which 3 inks are black and rest are cyan light gray, gray, and magenta color. 

Initial screen setup, Select network connection, to setup the printer for use over the network. Select wireless connection in the wireless setup. Please follow the on screen instructions, clicking the link here, some helpful tips for connecting the printer to the wireless. Please click connect and press the network button, Click wireless USB setup. Install the software, License agreement, Installation agreement.

 Additionally the below steps are used to connect the canon pro 100 wifi setup.

  • Please ensure the printer is turned on.
  • Press the button of the wifi that is placed on top of the printer.
  • Also connect the canon Pixma pro printer, to wifi you need to ensure that the wifi button starts flashing a blue light. Now go to the access button and press it in the next two minutes.
  • Read the manual carefully to understand how to setup the canon pro 100 printer to wifi by using the WPS method.
  • The wifi light will continue to flash, when you are searching for the access point. When u will start the setup process, the power lamp of the wifi button will start blinking.
  • Once a successful connection has been established the wireless network the blue as well as the white light will be flashing this will remain light up always.

If you are a user who is facing trouble to connect your Canon pro 100 printer to wifi then as the technical team researchers we can help you out. There are certain access points in your router which allow you to setup the canon pro 100 printer through the WPS connection.

This enables the printer to connect to multiple devices, without a password.

Out of all the methods, the WPS method is the easiest method, In case the WPS method is not available in the router. You can connect the canon printer pro 100 with standard connection method.

Confirmation of network settings:

To check your network settings and to ensure the printer is connected to the right network you can follow the below steps.

  • Please ensure your printer is turned on.
  • Secondly you need to load A4 sheets of paper.
  • After that press hold or resume, keep on pressing until the light flashes 6 times.
  • So this is how the SSID is showing the right wifi name.

This is how the WPS method stays handy for you.

Standard connection method, for window users.

  • Insert the CD that came together with the printer, please start the setup process.
  • In case the setup of the printer does not run on an auto mode please select the cd for installation process. Please download the manuals and software.
  • When the first screen appear you select next.
  • Now to connect the printer, to wifi. LAN connection as a method of connection, now please click on next.
  • Please make sure the printer is turned on. Also check the white power light, is also on, after that click on next.
  • Then the software will start looking for printer device whether it has got connected to the network already or not.
  • If the printer is setup for the very first time looking for a connected device is not possible.
  • To connect the setup printer network guide, the setup installation guide will begin now click on next.
  • Now please select the wireless network setup.
  • The wifi light should flash twice so that, it connects with the computer.
  • Now select the language of the printer, follow the on screen instructions and click on the finish button which finishes the procedure.

Canon printer pro is a photographs printer which assists you to convert memories to life. This printer is used widely by graphic designers and animators for designing their products. You can customize T shirts, and jackets using this printer. The wireless setup enables you to print remotely from any location these picture quality is of a higher resolution. 

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