Commonwealth Nations

States which were formerly ruled by the British empire generally come under The Commonwealth of Nations. One of the best commonwealth countries where we can think of living nowadays and spend our entire life would be of course Australia. In the article before this, we had written about the best cities in India we would keep writing similar articles about the commonwealth countries. Australia is just not a country it is an entire continent in itself, including islands notable mention here is Tasmania. 

Australia is among the top 10 countries where we as a person should aspire to live in. Australia has been praised by international bodies like the United Nations for the educational system which they have followed here and the importance which schooling is getting in this country is commendable. Australians do schooling till around 20 years. Here the 5 percent of GDP is occupied by education. For which Australia should be applauded. 

More about Australia:

The countries capital is Canberra, GDP of this country is around $1.4trillion with a population figure above 24,995,867, and the per capita GDP is $52379, and the total area is 7,741,220 sq. km. For at least 40,000 years indigenous population occupied this land before the Britisher’s arrival in the 18 century. Australia has a parliamentary democracy government which is being followed by the United Kingdom. Here the there is separation in the federal government in 3 ways. That is parliamentary, executive and judiciary. Queen Elizabeth is the ceremonial head of the is the nation.

Australia has been affected by the British and US culture. But during the last few decades due to the advent of immigrants from non-English speaking countries has changed the culture in this country. Australia is among the richest countries the countries economy is based on the market. The country has good per capita income and it has good high gross domestic products. The countries economy is driven by the service sector and due to the exports done by them. 

Australia is known for its sports culture lot of big names in sports have come from this country. Both male and female participation in sports is so encouraging. Sir Donald Bradman, Ian Thorpe, Mark Webber, Ricky Pointing, Nathan Jones, Lleyton Hewitt, Tim Cahill, Timothy, Cahill, Margaret Court, Shane Warne, Andrew Bogut, Alexander Volkanovski, Johanna, Konta, Ben Simmons, Daniel Ricciardo are some of the best sports personalities which have come from Australia. Major cities in Australia are doing well in the list of cities, the survey is done by the global livability surveys. Here the same-sex-marriage has been legalized. Which was a big win for the LGBT community in the country. Here environmental concerns and issues are being addressed on a priority level. The country is working on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions per capita are something that has to be looked into and address immediately. It is a part of all the world’s major groups and organizations like the United Nations, G-20 group, The World Trade Organisation, The Commonwealth of Nations, The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and also Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation.

If we think beyond the important things required in life like access to food, housing, and quality of education, how health care is more important, jobs availability these things would be primarily important for a social animal like us. The quality of life would also include some points such as job security, political stability, freedom of speech, and writing and expressing yourself, and also the environmental quality of surrounding will matter. Her country has been marked in the top ten countries of the world. Countries economic stability index is very nice, Country is doing good on the family-friendly index too. The country has a very strong political system and the country is in safe hands. Here both the education system and health care system are well organized, systematic world organizations have applauded them for the manner in which it has been run. The country is safe from the living point for the women’s safety. Here there is a good job market and the country is affordable to live in.


Australia is a country where a lot of care is taken of the following points gender equality, religious freedom, human rights. Here Australian citizen takes pride in their culture, their asset which is people, their society leaders, and lawmakers. The country is an economic powerhouse its military has command and respect all over the world. People who love adventurous life for them Australia’s natural beauty is calling. This country is gifted with natural resources and they are in abundance. Australia is truly the land of dreams. This country is of the same size as that of the USA but its population is very less. Amount of people living in New York is the same as the population of Australia. So if someone is thinking of shifting to Australia their decision is right. See you soon my dream destination: Australia.

By Anurag Rathod

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