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Free Zones aka Free Trade Zones come under the larger banner of specific economic zones. Free zones can be called as a hub where goods may be structured, rebuilt, stored, or re-exported under particular customs administration. The free zones are especially created to promote global business. Free zones are mainly found around seaports and international airports.

Setting up a company in free zones is preferable because the establishment is free from the rules governing the region. There are no customs conditions and other limitations. The government administration in power gives ample aid to the combined company as it is to their benefit if the business grows. Each free zone in the UAE prefers a particular type of industry category. Company owners who want full ownership can choose a permit and place in one of the many free zones in the UAE. These areas were created to promote international investors with easy start-up methods, labor, and migration schemes. Each region has its laws and is governed by its jurisdiction.

Shams Free Zone

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) is placed in the emirates of Sharjah, SHAMS being the best hub for entrepreneurs. The shams community evokes a powerful business-friendly culture. Being the world-class free zone center for innovation Business setup in shams free zone offers an effective service for the new administrators. Considering better assistance and help for those wishing to set and start their new business, allowing with the specialized facilities for the artistic and media industries. The sole purpose of making the business activity of creative entrepreneurship with the best access to all the aspiring startup solutions, SME’s and established companies to collaborate towards a business-friendly community.

Advantages Of Shams

  1. Business setup benefits beginning from Dhs. 11,500
  2. 0 % Corporate tax for 50 years
  3. No requirement for NOC to start up your own company
  4. No paid-up Share Capital or Annual Audit
  5. 100% international ownership.
  6. All documentation issued in 2 days
  7. Cheap workforce and fast recruitment procedures
  8. 0% import and export duties
  9. 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  10. 100% free transfer of funds
  11. Physical presence in the UAE is not required to incorporate your new company
  12. Vast activities covering Services, trading, and Industrial licenses with multiple visas

Ajman Free Zone

One of the oldest Free Zones in the UAE – the Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was organized in 1988, leading to a more industrial improvement by engaging a huge number of businesses to benefit from the investment chances. Ajman Free Zone thereby strengthened business, enterprise, and the economic sector in the UAE at its initial stages. Business setup in Ajman free zone gives you the possibility to find advantages of Ajman Port, serving over a huge number of vessels in a year, which has developed as an important maritime focal point today.

Advantages Of Ajman

  1. 100% control of an establishment/company
  2. Freedom from personal income tax
  3. Competitive prices on facility usage
  4. Fast and easy procedures and in most cases, license within 24 hours
  5. Well-developed infrastructure
  6. Easy transfer of capital and profits
  7. Release from import and export duties
  8. Aggressive prices for power/electricity
  9. Easy access to low-cost labor
  10. 100% international ownership
  11. Freedom from other taxes
  12. One-stop table service for effecting transactions (residency, visa, etc.)

Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman Media City is a newly launched free zone in the Emirate of Ajman.  Business setup in Ajman media city free zone permit allows the most beautiful and extremely competitive packages to issues service permits and trade permits to company owners. Ajman Media City Free Zone is the most advanced free zone offering in the United Arab Emirates, in the city of Ajman. It has been developed with an ambition to create a reliable, friendly, and professional atmosphere for companies and individuals alike.

Advantages Of Ajman Media City Free Zone

  1. Vast choice of many marketing packages with shared office
  2. No requirement for bodily presence in the UAE
  3. Easy and fast enrollment process
  4. No NOC wanted
  5. Your company permit will be issued within 1 day
  6. 100% international ownership
  7. 100% repatriation on capital invested and profits gained

Choose Your Right Guide

To spark your business set up in any free zone in UAE, get in touch with top Business consultancies. They will provide you with full support in setting up your business in the UAE with the most suitable tools, supporting in opening a corporate or individual bank account, getting a residence visa in UAE, and more. They will help you to determine the right business structure and permit, based on your necessities and business goals. Getting a brand-new business off the area is no small feat. Neither is climbing up that business and taking it to the next step. These are the main difficulties facing administrators and small company owners.

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