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Just like any other appliance, the washing machine is also prone to several defects. These complications might sometime result in noises arising from the machine. As it is a complex device, understanding it is quite difficult. There are numerous parts in a washing machine. The best brand of the washing machine in India will have the best quality parts and hence lower chances of damage. However, here are a few reasons that might cause noise from washing machines. 

1. Damage to the bearing

Bearing is a simple component that can be found in almost all electrical appliances. This bearing is responsible for the motion of the drum. It eases the movement of the drum and reduces friction during this process. The damage of the bearing is one major reason for noise from a washing machine. Damage to the tub bearing is one major reason for noise from the washing machine. Repairing of this is quite complicated and requires the dismantling of almost the entire washing machine. In a few cases, squeaky noise means there is no sufficient lubricant in the bearing. Hence this issue can be fixed just by adding a bit of lubricant.

2. Damage to the drive pulley

One another reason for loud noise in washing machines is a faulty drive pulley.  The drive pulley is a simple belt that causes the machine to spin. The pulley could be of either plastic or metal. The damage could be due to deposition of grease or dirt that causes the motor to squeal when the motor runs. If you could find the machine making sounds during spinning or agitation, then the damage is with the pulley.  To check for this, disconnect your device from the power source. And inspect the pulley region for any damage.

3. Wearing of drive motor coupling

In case of a few top load washing machines, the direct drive pulley is used to transfer power from the motor. The drive coupling consists of two driver forks. One of which is attached to the motor shaft, while the other is attached to the input shaft. The drive motor coupling is prone to damage under regular use. The driver forks may slip and cause vibrating noises in the machine. If the spin basket in your machine struggles to move, it is an indication that your drive motor coupling has been damaged.

4. Wearing of washing machine belt

The belt in your washing machine can be damaged after a few months or years of use. The noise is very high, especially during spinning. Replacing the belt of the washing machine is quite simple. You can easily obtain a belt that suits your machine’s dimensions and replace it with the old one.

5. Clogs in the drain pump

The drain pump is an essential component to take out water from the washing machine. Usually, under the spin mode, the drain pump flushes all the water out. If you could hear loud noises from the machine only at intervals during the spin cycle, then it probably must be due to the damage in the drain pump. One another reason is when you load the washing machine with small objects, it can clog the drain. Hence check your pockets thoroughly before landing it into the washing machine.

This can simply be corrected by removing the drain pump and cleaning the clogs.

6. Damage with shock absorbers

In most front land washing machines, shock absorbers are present. These shock absorbers are used to centre the tub while movement and reduce friction. Shock absorbers are connected to the outer tub. If the shock absorbers are damaged it can cause the washing machine to cause a banging sound during spinning.

These are a few issues that most washing machines face. Choose only the best brand of the washing machine in India to ensure a longer device life. Several household equipments ease human life these days. Just like how washing machines quicken the washing process, the best convection microwave oven in India can ensure you have the best cooking experience. There are several brands of machines available in India. Pick the best appliances that suit your needs to enjoy all your household activities.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.