5 Companies That are Now Permanently Remote

Switching to working from home was hard for many companies and organizations. The pandemic happened, and the only best way to handle the situation was to adjust fast and let their employees work from home to save their lives. However, many companies have started to learn that working remotely is the future of work despite the pandemic. Additionally, many companies are learning that employees can be just as productive at home as from the office. Virtual meetings, document-sharing technologies, and communication platforms such as Slack have made the transition to permanent work from home much easier.

1. Amazon

Amazon is currently the largest online retailer globally. The company has more than 92,000 employees globally. Amazon provides e-books and traditional, household items, furniture, electronics, apparel, movies, music, etc. It is reported that in June, employees whose positions can let them work from home will be free to start doing so through June 2021.

At the time of writing, Amazon was looking for more customer service associates, economists, customer support associates, and all of them will be working remotely. The pandemic has made customers realize and embrace the importance of online shopping, and this is one of the main reasons Amazon is performing so well. It is believed that this is something that will continue even after the pandemic.

2. Nielsen

Nielsen is a worldwide performance management company. Its services include watching and providing a comprehensive understanding of what buyers watch and purchase. Nielsen’s Watch Segment ensures that media and advertising companies get Total Audience measurement services through the latest technology. The company does this for devices and gadgets on which text, audio, and video are consumed.

The existence of the company ensures that clients get accurate details based on retail performance. They can then use the details to improve the products and services that they provide. By integrating data from the Buy and Watch segments and other sources of information, Nielsen offers services to help companies compete fairly in the content industry. It is reported that the company is now shifting to operate remotely, based on the fact that this is something that won’t affect their operations.

3. Shopify

Shopify is a modern cloud-based multi-channel arena intended for small and medium-sized organizations. The software lets merchants use its features to design, out-up, and manage their stores across a range of sales channels such as social media, mobile, web, brick-and-mortar locations, pop-up shops, marketplaces, etc. Every business looking to gain a competitive edge needs to leverage the benefits of Shopify.

It is reported that Shopify is transitioning to remote operation. Many employees whose positions can be taken care of remotely have started to work at home. The process is slow, but sure, and by the end of 2021, Shopify shall have permanently shifted to operating remotely. At the time of writing, Shopify had at least 5,000-person staff working from home.

4. Twitter

Twitter is a social media and social networking platform that lets its customers send and read micro-blogs that are not more than 280 characters known as tweets. It can be best described as a global real-time communication arena. Currently, it has at least 400 million daily visitors.

Twitter has an average of 255 million monthly users. Twitter is also used by some of the World’s best leaders, star performers, major athletes, entertainment outlets, and news organizations. The platform is currently available in up to 35 languages. From now henceforth, employees won’t have to visit Twitter offices as they are allowed to work remotely.

5. Coinbase

Unfortunately, not many people are aware of Coinbase. The company was founded in June 2012 and is a digital currency wallet that lets consumers and merchants transact on new digital currencies like Bitcoin. The company has a vision of bringing more efficiency, innovation, and equal opportunity to the world by crafting an open financial system.

Coinbase was also designed to ensure that digital currency is available and accessible to everyone. Coinbase has already transitioned to being a remote-only company. Many workers have already been granted the opportunity to permanently work from home. After the pandemic, employees who wish to resume working from the office can do so, but it is not mandatory.

Closing Thoughts

Working remotely has been made possible thanks to communication technology. Employees can now collaborate remotely and ensure that various tasks are successfully carried out. Companies like Facebook and Instagram have most of their workers operating from home, and they will keep doing so even after the pandemic.