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Three Best WordPress Gamification Plugins to Increase Sales & Boost Conversions

Three Best WordPress Gamification Plugins to Increase Sales & Boost Conversions

Expect recurring sales after building a website or an eCommerce store might not always work. You need to add an element to build the visitors’ interest in your site for boosting conversions and increasing sales. 

In recent years, gamification has spread its wings over the industries and captured the market instantaneously. Most website owners believe that by gamifying your site, you can multiply your sales and generate massive revenue.

This type of success happened when your usual visitors started to convert into loyal customers.


The term “Gamification” refers to making the process easy and entertaining. It puts a game-like element into your entire site to engage the customers at maximum range. The boredom and stereotype strategies increase the diversion rate with a lousy interaction level of your website. 

A sudden rise in the gamification industry brought a unique method to drive conversions and lead generations. The engaging content of your website becomes more exciting and fun when gamification is applied to it. 

Additionally, gamification kicks out the outdated workflow of your website and turns it to bring a positive user experience by introducing the gaming process at every step.

Through gamification, visitors can earn digital rewards, which they can redeem into exciting discount offers afterward.

There are several gamification plugins out there that gamify your website quickly. In this blog, we will be discussing the top five of them. 

Benefits of Gamification

By adding gamification to your website, you get numerous benefits that raise your website sales and compel your visitors to turn into regular customers. Check out the killer benefits of gamification that are bulleted below.

  • Build loyalty programs.
  • Drive conversions and increase traffic to your website.
  • Boost sales without any marketing hassles.
  • Offers a wide range of gaming-like elements to build user engagements.
  • Promote your website content through various challenges and competitions.
  • It gives your brand recognition and develops it gradually.
  • Builds exciting scenarios for your website.
  • Adds gameplay techniques to reach better audiences and improves user experience.

1. myCred

myCred is the well-known point management system built to gamify your website and create a loyalty program by converting visitors into loyal customers without any marketing fatigue.

The rewarding system is based on the three digital awards that are points, ranks, and badges. To award the users, a website owner can pick any of them based on the user level.

It offers brilliant third-party integrations to improve the websites’ functionality and make them more interactive for boosting sales and conversion driving.

Not limited to that, but it has a wide variety of addons that helps website owners to gamify their websites in different ways. From social sharing to course completion, it deals in all. 

This plugin takes your website to the next level and brings an incredible traffic rate to your website in a short period of time. 

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Key Features

To explore this plugin, shed some light on the remarkable features of this gamification plugin listed below.

  • Manage the users’ points by adding or removing them. Take complete control over the users’ balances.
  • Implement more than fifty addons.
  • Automate the process of point deduction and awarding the users. 
  • Create leaderboards for the track keeping of users’ points. 
  • Enable you to transfer the points to other users.
  • Add or adjust the language translation in your language.
  • Allows you to pay for the tickets/orders by redeeming your points instead of the real money (Store Payments) 
  • It is a theme independent plugin. Note: Your theme needs to support shortcodes & widget in order to run myCred. 
  • myCred comes with minimum CSS styling to give more freedom to style your site and store as per your branding need. 
  • cashCred addon (Builtin) lets your users convert myCred points into real money. 

How to Install

To install this plugin, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Sign in to your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to Plugins → Add New, search for the myCred in the search bar and click on the Install button. Next, click on the Activate button to proceed further.

2. Create your first point type and database log. 

3. Setup your first point type by inserting the Labels and Format. This option allows you to separate point values in decimal format.

4. Activate the Hooks and Features once you run your first program.

2. KingSumo

KingSumo is a WordPress plugin to provide giveaways to the customers for engaging them and making them stay longer on your website.

It is a good practice to grab the attention of your website visitors by offering them exciting giveaways that help increase sales and driving conversions.

It also offers integrations with third parties such as Zapier, Mailer Lite, and Infusionsoft for adding other essences into your website.

Key Features

KingSumo offers a list of features that are the secret to the success of this plugin. 

  • Bring a tremendous change in the audience’s growth by sharing the giveaways.
  • Pay for it once and use it for a lifetime without any extra cost.
  • Choose your favorite giveaways by uploading a picture with a brief description to let your users know about the gifts.
  • Have total freedom to schedule the giveaways; it could be daily, weekly, or monthly.

How to Install

It is pretty easy to install, and you can go live in 60 seconds. 

1. Search for the plugin in the WordPress plugin repository and click on the Install button. 

2. Once installed, activate it and set up the giveaway on your WordPress site.

3. Run a promotion through which you can get several subscribers.

3. CaptainUp

CaptainUpis considered the right gamification platform to put an engagement element into your WordPress for better reach. It enables you to create levels, challenges, promotions, reward shops, and a lot more to boost your conversions and sales. 

Within a few clicks, you can add an entertainment perspective to your website and different kind of badges, points, and leaderboards. Customize this plugin according to your brand theme to match the recognition.

It helps you build a loyalty program for your website and make integrations with third parties to add more features to your website.

Key Features

  • Offers digital awards such as points, badges, trophies.
  • Differentiate your users according to their levels.
  • It offers multi currency for worldwide users.
  • Track the user activities and build their profiles.
  • Access to social login.
  • Share your winnings on social media.
  • Notify you on performing an activity via an email such as sign up, popups, announcements, etc.
  • Keep an eye on your real-time activities and analytics.

How to Install

You can opt for three different methods, either by WordPress plugin repository, manual downloading, or FTP, to install this plugin.

  • Navigate to the WordPress Plugins and search for the plugin.
  • Click on Install and then Activate it,
  • Once activated, insert your API key and Save.
  • To get the API key, create your account and navigate to the settings tab.

Bonus Tip!

To test your gamification results, keep your website sales analytics record before adding gamification to your website. Then implement gamification to your website and highlight the differences before and after gamification.

The statistics will surprise you!

The good news is that gamification has no side effects, which means that if you add it to your website, it will never harm the content or your website data.

We have discussed the top-notch WordPress gamification plugin to pick any of them to boost sales and conversions of your website.

Add gamification and adorn your website with game-like elements and make money in parallel. Follow this tutorial to give life to your website. It’s time to PLAY!

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