Pros & Cons of Work from home During Pandemic:

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Working at home expands the number of options available to companies on how they operate and organize themselves. With the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, home working has given some companies versatility. They need to keep their businesses running while prioritizing the health and well-being of their employees and customers as part of their public … Read more

5 Companies That are Now Permanently Remote

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Switching to working from home was hard for many companies and organizations. The pandemic happened, and the only best way to handle the situation was to adjust fast and let their employees work from home to save their lives. However, many companies have started to learn that working remotely is the future of work despite … Read more

Free Remote Tools and Resources to Easily Work from Home During Covid-19 Pandemic

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Through the academic year as the Covid-19 pandemic continues bringing change to higher education, IT professionals, faculty, and instructional designers are being more conscious about the technology they choose for instructing and engaging students and workers. The Worldwide reaction to Covid-19 has not been so different in terms of people having resources, time donation, and … Read more

How to Make Your Home Office More Creative and Productive in 2021

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If this year has taught us anything it’s that we can adapt to any type of situation and learn to thrive, no matter how difficult it may be. While many people were already used to remote working before the pandemic, for a vast number of people, especially those with little kids, working from home was … Read more

A Smart World Future: 3 Ways Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Humans have developed and invented technologies that have changed our lives for the better, they have managed to create efficiency in the shortest time frame. We think everyone can agree upon the fact that today’s world revolves around technology. It has taken humans years to implement technologies that will and have changed our lives for … Read more

How to Make Your Business Successful from Home?

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Work from home, grow from home is an attractive idea to start your business and earn money but when customers start expanding, the problem grows. In today’s technology-driven era, the majority of businesses start from home. In fact, Apple and Amazon were also initiated in the home garages. So, there’s nothing wrong in starting your … Read more