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Through the academic year as the Covid-19 pandemic continues bringing change to higher education, IT professionals, faculty, and instructional designers are being more conscious about the technology they choose for instructing and engaging students and workers. The Worldwide reaction to Covid-19 has not been so different in terms of people having resources, time donation, and helping one another. While number of nonprofits, hundreds of education companies and many other organizations drive their services and software free during the quick switch to remote learning, to help educators online and multimethod learning many have become more reflective. Many companies are offering free versions of their software, tools, and apps through the summer of 2021. While the option to work from home is a great benefit, it is important that you and your team have the better software tools in place to make sure you can still hit your goals even when considering for work from home days.

The span and speed of the haul has turned this into an unusual challenge for all kind of companies, especially smaller ones who did not yet invest heavily in remote working technology. Government agencies and hospitals on the frontline of tackling the Covid-19 crisis are also looking for software that can help teams to take over with the virus, and to share information with one another and with the broader world.Schools and universities are accumulating their ability to deliver teaching remotely as classrooms and campuses close.

Top 10 Free Remote Work Tools


Microsoft is making Microsoft Teams available for free for anyone with a 365 subscription. The company is also offering a special Office 365 E1 Trial to help employees and companies adjust to working from home. E1 includes Web-based office apps and business services such as email, file sharing and storage, meeting and conferencing capabilities, data location controls, instant messaging, and more, all with a guaranteed 99.9 % uptime.

8×8 Video Conferencing

8×8 is a cloud platform offering an expansion of their free, unlimited web-based video meetings product as no contract or installation required.


Century is an artificial intelligence tool that supports online learning. Schools and teachers who have been impacted by coronavirus, may qualify for free support and access to many Century resources.

Project Management

Project management tools track project road maps in real-time through online dashboards. This means that even if you are working remotely, you still know what tasks assigned to you need to get done and what the status is of other tasks in the project.


TechSmith, a suite of products with more 65 million users, is offering free and expanded access to their screen capture, recording, and collaborative feedback tools.

Real-Time Communication

Real-Time Communication allow entire teams to post messages within relevant groups, so it is easy for a remote worker to contribute to a conversation or catch up on past messages if they were busy earlier. Other tools allow you to speak as if you were face-to-face via internet-hosted phone calls or video chats.


On March 12, Zoom became the first business app ever to crack the top 3 most apps in the App Store, with more than 343,000 downloads. The popular video conferencing platform is temporarily lifting time limits on basic accounts for educational users.


When multiple people are working together on a task, it can be almost impossible to collaborate when someone is working remotely. Collaboration software lets remote workers contribute to shared files so they can still work with a team in real-time.


Yelling Across Cubicles, YAC is an innovative, audio-first collaboration platform for remote teams. YAC will be offering its pro plans for free to K-12 schools and universities.

Remote Access Software

Remote access software makes your work computers accessible to you anytime. You can access your work computer from home and use it as if you were sitting Infront of it. Open any file and use any application on your work computer while remoting in from any other device.The best remote access tool for working from home is Splash top Business Access.


During the Covid-19 Pandemic Masses of people suffered in several sectors, especially Education, Business, Food Industry and many more. The existing studies showed that taking up remote working policy can reduce work burden, time, and family conflicts during the current situation of Covid-19.

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