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This pandemic has created such scenarios that employees have to work from a remote location. Work from home policy is implemented in the majority of the companies. You might be hiring new talents or already have a team. It is a challenge to handle a team remotely. But if you do it in the right way, your employees will have increased productivity and will be happier than ever. It can also be disastrous if not done properly. Hence it is very important to manage the team accurately. So here we have the 8 best tips for you to handle a team remotely. 

●    High Productivity

Your employees can give you very high productivity when working from home. You just have to ensure that you’re handling them right to get optimum productivity. You can keep a track of their time, this will give you an idea that how much effort an employee is putting into the work. You can also make sure that they are not harming themselves by overworking. You can use several tools to ensure maximum productivity and to keep an eye on the tasks. Motivate your employees to give their best. 

●    Trust your employees

Trust plays a vital role in managing teams remotely. You don’t want to burden them with unreal expectations and impractical deadlines. This will affect their functionality. There must be trust between both of you. You don’t have to constantly pinch them to do a particular task. In fact, try to reach them in a much gentle manner. 

●    Patience and Empathy is required

In the current situation, everyone is feeling anxious. It’s your duty to be more patient with your team. Your communication should be compassionate. It will be a relief for the employees and they can focus on the work in a much better way. Planning any project or discussing any lead will be different in remote work. Make sure that your teammates are not facing issues with the ongoing remote work.

●    Freedom

Your team should not feel burdened with the daily tasks. Working remotely can make it difficult to distinguish professional life from personal life. You should give them freedom so that they can create a work-life balance. You can help them discover some new hobbies. Set an example by giving yourself some time. You can later share your experience that will encourage other team members to take some time for themselves. You can also assign a group project that will be just to create a balance between regular workload and projects. 

●    Focus On Outcomes

Thinking that your employees will be more effective if they are working more is wrong. Instead, you should be more focused on the outcomes. There is no need to create certain norms regarding when and how should a task be completed. When working remotely, workers are more productive when they can complete a task according to their own choice. Always be there for the teammates, but also appreciate their terms of working. Know how each team member works and understand their operating hours. 

●    Keep your Team Cheered Up

You can celebrate certain milestones of your employees to keep them cheered up. This will create a very positive environment. They will believe that you care for them and they are valuable to you. You and your team should celebrate personal milestones like birthdays, work anniversaries, career establishments, etc together.Alliance Recruitment Agency Keep the team happy and positive to ensure maximum efficiency.

●    One-on-one conversations

Remote working results in employees missing out on a lot of things. The atmosphere in an office is completely different. Try to have a one-on-one conversation with your employees. This will surely have a positive impact on your relationship with the team. It will also result in an increased understanding of your employees. Never say no to such conversation as it can be harmful to the work environment. Fix a date for such calls and never miss out on them.

●    Communication Tool

Using a good communication tool is the most important thing to be done properly. You have a lot of options to choose from. Select a tool that offers easy video conferencing and messaging. It is your responsibility to make everyone aware of the tool you will be using. Make sure everyone is using the same tool. There must be someone well aware of that communication channel, they can be the leader for making everyone comfortable with that tool. Always choose a tool that is easy to use. 


These were some of the tips that can help you master the art of managing a team remotely. You can always click here to make the most out of these tips. Remote working brings a lot of challenges but you can always use it for your benefit. You can also take help from an executive search agency to hire talents that can work remotely for your firm. So keep working remotely and attain maximum efficiency. 

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Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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