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Will Any Taxi App Survive France After Uber Ban?

Will Any Taxi App Survive France After Uber Ban?

France is a country popular for Mecca of tourists. Every year millions of people throng this country and are obviously in desperate need of a cab when there. Considering this, it is obvious that a taxi application such as Uber should do extremely well here, right? Then why Uber ban?

Well, who does not know Uber? Uber is one of the biggest taxi services providing company in world. Actually, Uber was the first one to step into a business of online taxi booking service across the globe. Uber was founded in 2009 with the name called UberCab. In 2010, Uber first launched their taxi services in San Francisco. Eventually in past 7 years, Uber has expanded their roots all over the world. But still, there are few countries where Uber as a taxi business was not able to survive. With its popularity all around the world, Uber has been in controversies every then and now.

The national Uber ban in France after categorically stating that it is a “criminal offense” on part of Uber to run its services there was quite a shocker for the nation. Criminal offense sounds harsh but the legal rule structure of the country has a different way of operations that doesn’t allow the business model of Uber to run successfully. Germany too has a similar problem. This is why operations in Germany stopped as well.

uber ban

What is a Criminal Offense? Why Uber Ban?

Uber Pop is a new concept introduced by Uber to help multiple people transport in a convenient manner and save money. So, basically it is a form of carpooling. People can come together and head towards the same destination and share the cost of the travel in a simple way.

Riders who look for cars can quickly find multiple vehicles in the same direction during rush hour time. It is hassle free because the ultimate route is the same. It also saves a lot of traffic and helps in money management.

So, in essence, the Uber Pop is used by normal private car owners. It is not run by a taxi company or a taxi service provider. This means they don’t undergo all the necessary documentation that a licensed professional driver would require to do.

This is why the legal turmoil. In European countries like Germany and France, people can’t really offer services independently. They need to be professionals who undertake these services. According to legal chapters, when someone splits the cost they are actually entering a verbal agreement. Since it is a verbal agreement, they have to make sure that there is a responsible party.

When people enter a ride sharing concept through an app, it is a business which is being done without any insurance or liable party. So, in case of a mishap, who will bear the expenditure? If the car meets with an accident, will all the parties be liable to pay or will the surviving member pay the deceased or will no one get anything? Since there is no clear demarcation or a clear cut line drawn in the sand, it can’t be considered as a “legal” service. There are too many loose ends and too many things that can go wrong.

Can Another Taxi Survive?

Of course it can. It just has to be a clear taxi concept. You can run a company that offers taxi services without any hassles in France. The company must be responsible like it is in case there is a taxi booking app.

Taxi service is a huge requirement in France as the people are working there 24/7. Mostly the working locations for the public of France are in remote bases. Everyone require a mode of transportation from on city to another or from one location to another within the same city. Not only for people who are doing job, there are students whose schools and colleges are not in their own city. This is why the requirement of taxi services is more in France.

People there do not consider travelling in personal vehicle to go for their working places and colleges. For daily travelling, they prefer public transportation and the taxi service provider are very less in France. If you want to establish your taxi business in France, it can be a very good option for your future plan.

But you have to be sure that you do not make a mistake as Uber did. France is Country of strict rules and regulation, one mistake and survival in that Country is worse for any business. Their government do not want to risk their public in any cost and in situation. Legally if your business process goes right, then you can make your place in France’s open market.

If you want to start your own taxi app based business then you have to buy an application. There are two ways to proceed. You can proceed with the business. You can either build an app from scratch or you can buy readymade application on the existing Uber model. This means that you can purchase the app and launch it in two to three days after purchasing it.

Uber Ban in France

There are many taxi apps available in the market today. Many companies are making and selling white labelled licensed versions of the application to interested buyers. If you have interest then you will have to surf the internet for the right kind of app that matches your needs.

Ensure that the app that you purchase is licensed for a domain and is white labelled for your brand name and logo. That way you will be able to launch it as your own business instantly. The app makes revenue by earning a commission every time a booking is made, so, it shouldn’t be too long before you start making money.

On the whole, a taxi business is a profitable thing to do. However, if you don’t make the right choice, you might end up having to pour in more money for it to function right. So make a wise decision when you do.

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