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People always need transportation; the world has become a digital mesh these days. Everything is connected through something to something. In order to keep abreast with the speed of the world one has to make sure that they stay connected as well. Fast lives have led to the undeniable requirement of taxis. The entry of Uber taxi business in Nairobi did stir some way but 3 years down the line, it was easy to see that the locals put their faith more in local taxi companies, rather than foreign ventures such as Uber.

Now, having said that, who would be willing to enter such a cut throat market place against Uber? Well, there are a few local players that have made it quite big here in Africa. The most primary concern with Uber was the safety factor. Especially after an Uber driver was shot down, many people have chosen to stay away from the Uber scene and go for other apps by local taxi companies:

Pewin Cabs

Pewin Cabs was launched in 2008 and is known to probably be one of the first taxi services in Kenya. The concept of Pewin Cabs is slightly different than that of other taxi companies. Instead of having independent taxi drivers and cars, the Pewin group owns their own fleet of cabs. Their drivers are on a salary from the company itself. According to them, this is the safest way to offer taxi rides because all the drivers are vetted and carefully chosen. They have been ranked at a high 14 among the top 100 companies of Kenya.

Little Cabs

Little cabs is a venture powered by the telecom industry mammoth Safaricom. The biggest USP of little cabs is that when they came into the business they brought unbelievably low tariffs as compared to anyone else in the market. The app itself had a big mountain to scale right in front of them because of the existing cabs in the market. However, their biggest advantage was that over 3000 cab drivers had recently exited Easy taxi. In contrast to other taxi apps in Kenya, Little Cabs patrons can use Safaricom bonga points for cab rides. They also offer an exclusive cab service for and driven by women titled ‘Lady Bug.’

Taxi Hub

Taxi Hub is the newest kid on the block. The sole objective of starting the Taxi Hub app was to make sure that people could get affordable taxi rides. Everyone has the right to travel and money should not be the issue that stops anyone from doing it successfully. This is why Taxi Hub came to the fore. What’s more, this taxi app pays the maximum amount of attention to safety. In order to register in this app as a driver, one needs to upload all the necessary documents so that there is no doubt about its legality.

The general picture

The overall scene of the taxi services in the African market is evolving every day. Technology doesn’t stay still at all. The beauty of technology is that everytime you think of a requirement, it will get a solution for you.

Although there are many taxi apps available in the market, Taxi Hub seems to trump them all because of the many features it has. It has special provisions like the Panic button and the SOS button that can help both, the rider as well as the driver during a ride. Taxi hub pays a lot of attention to the drivers. This is because after all, they are the backbone of the taxi business. This app seems to have all the most important features that can help all the people to find cost effective and trustworthy rides from anywhere in Africa.

Now you can calculate the advantage for establishing a business in Kenya. You can easily study their market value and public requirement. Through making few tweaks, you can launch your taxi service app without any difficulties. All you have to do is to acknowledge the problem faced by their public in the existing businesses of your industry. And in country like Kenya, you do not need to waste your time and money for doing advertisements. Because, their market place is very small that means, you can easily gain publicity.

Starting your own app based taxi business in Nairobi

If you are looking to start your own taxi booking app then the best way to go about it would be to reach out to a taxi booking app builder. Since this is an open source Uber alternative, you can easily modify the app as per your own requirements when the time comes. When you start a business, it might seem to be a small venture, but you never know when or how the company will become a big thing.

In Nairobi, there are many taxi services that are providing a secure taxi service to the people of Nairobi. But taxi services based on mobile app are very less. That is why starting an app based business can be a successful one in Nairobi. An app based business will be more convenient for Nairobi’s public as the number of Smartphone users is many in Kenya. So, the people there are more reliable on easy to receive services from their own location.

Kenya has expanded their roots on to the lanes of development. Their economy is growing rapidly; the telecom industry and transportation are on track. Agriculture sectors are recovering. If we talk about Nairobi then it is the financial centre of Kenya. A start-up business in Nairobi can be eye catching product for the public of Kenya.

Uber too, was starter in a very small way. It only catered to San Francisco when it hit the streets but today, Uber is a global entity. Though, it is the most controversial taxi service. But keeping all the controversies aside, Uber is the largest taxi service providing organization around the world.  Similarly, if you plan on building your business to a large scale, you must understand that your app should be scalable for the future.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.