Best Ways to Speed up Your Mobile App Development

It is really a complex thing to deal with the mobile app development task that requires a perfect balance of hard work and compatibility synchronisation.

Usually, developers working with any mobile app development company have a tough time in handing just too many things at once whether be deadlines, design, coding, and hectic schedules.

When app developers do not work in the right direction, the speed of the app along with the quality can suffer big time disrupting the development strategy largely.

However, we have decoded ways in which one can really keep up with the mobile app maintenance services and development pace to fast track things overcoming technical and non technical hurdles.

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is what to aim for 

Break up the project in parts and have them systematically placed one after the another so that you can have a minimum viable product built at every stage before moving on to the next stage.

Concentrating on releasing a full fledged app altogether can prove to be costly since then you would be concentrating on so many tasks at once that can be time consuming.

As a mobile app development company you need to understand that when users get a sneak peek of MVP at every given stage, developers can have them modified based on the feedback received at each stage, so that there are comparatively lesser or no technical glitches in the end product.

This is especially true in case of mobile app maintenance services wherein customer reactions or end user feedback does play an instrumental role in making modifications within the MVP.

  • Wireframes do a great job in sketching a right picture

Wireframes are exceptionally great when you can have the screen flow within the app traced so as to get a clear idea of how an app should operate.

Wireframes help a mobile app development company in drawing an information architecture of how a user would open an app and go about using the app moving from one screen to another.

Hence, developers get to work in the right direction estimating both visual and functional aspects even when providing mobile app maintenance services.

So, wireframes do work best to have the app development paced up without having iterations at any given point of time while avoiding all the possible bugs or errors.

  • Hybrid apps can be built faster than native apps

Hybrid apps are not limited to specific platforms whether be iOS or Android since they work well on both the operating systems.

Hence, for any mobile app development company it gets way easier to create a common app for both the platforms rather than creating separate apps for both.

Moreover, technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are so easier to handle resulting in apps that process faster in terms of performance.

Even talking from mobile app maintenance services point of view, it is extremely easy to implement and maintain just one app rather than tackling two apps.

  • Outsource complex part or the project on the whole

When you are not a professional mobile app development company with limited or no experience in app development, it can take ages to fulfil a mobile development project.

Henceforth, it is advisable to get the job outsourced to experts so that you not just can focus on your core business but even have a mobile app ready in no time.

No matter how many experts you hire in-house, if they are not capable enough then you will have so much time wasted in either training them, or probably invest that time in firing and hiring new people.

Instead, if you have a professional company on board, then they take care of mobile app maintenance services by taking care of the entire process end to end.

  • Agile development always work wonders no matter what

Opting for agile development model over waterfall model is way advantageous due to the fact that one has to start all over again with a waterfall model if something goes wrong unlike agile model wherein one has to focus on creating a right module first before proceeding on to next.

Adapting to an agile development is not just wise decision for a mobile app development company but even quick enough with no redundancies in going through the entire process over and over again.

Moreover, agile model strongly advocates the ongoing feedback from clients at every point so that there is a smooth communication facilitating the project to move without hurdles.

Even if you are offering mobile app maintenance services the agile model can be beneficial in giving productivity accelerating the process of mobile app development.

  • Automated testing helps in saving time on manual tests

Automation testing helps to run tests in an automated manner saving great deal of time rather than doing the tests manually that can take way too much time.

When there are too many products in progress, then running automated tests can be absolute time saving rather than checking every project on a modular level.

Faster the testing process, rapid development a mobile app development company can achieve with the help of bug and error free code.

When offering mobile app maintenance services do try to integrated automated testing within the apps you built so that the apps are verified automatically on an ongoing basis.

Have you grasped what needs to be done?

We just discussed about ways in which mobile app development process speed could be escalated so as to have mobile app launch taking place on time. 

As a mobile app development company you need to adapt the above ways to get set go with any of your mobile app project while giving emphasis to each and every stage whether be discussion, wire-framing, prototyping, design, development, or testing.

If offering mobile app maintenance services then it is even more important to be aware of all these so that upgrades and updates be less complex and easy to handle in the future.

Just adapt to as many ways possible for rapid development.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.