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Ride Hailing Human Safety Measures During The Era Of Corovirus With Careem’s Best Taxi Booking App

Ride Hailing Human Safety Measures During The Era Of Corovirus With Careem’s Best Taxi Booking App

In the times of Pandemic, we are imposed with new habits – Hygienic habits, no handshaking, not touching the stuff in the normal public places, social distancing, always carrying sanitizer bottles, and so on. With the lockdowns lifting in the countries and businesses have started to get back to their routine but with COVID19 safety measures – and this includes taxi rides too. Careem taxi booking service app brand through tech-enabled solutions to make sure the highest levels of safety for the riders.

Aiming to build a new riding experience during Pandemic times, Careem the best taxi booking service app implemented human safety measures that include:

Mask verification – It is before the driver starts accepting the trip, they are supposed to take a selfie wearing a mask. Careem’s technology verifies the same.
Updated their cancellation policy – Riders and drivers can now cancel the trips if they do not feel safe like not wearing a mask or compromising on the safety measures.
Contactless payments – The app encourages using credit/debit card for the payments, to avoid any kind of human contacts during the ride. The app also facilitates to top up the “Wallets” so that the riders have ease in booking the ride from the available amount.
Automated quality monitoring – The app is integrated with automated algorithm that evaluate the driver’s performance and how serious they are when it comes to taking precautions. This also includes passenger feedback, rating of the trip. This automated data driven actions allows to serve better and take strict actions against serious offenders.
Creating a safety checklist– Ensuring that the drivers adhere to the safety checklist that comprises wearing mask, carrying sanitizers, gloves which are important for the rider’s safety
Car cleaning safety – The drivers are routinely wiping their seat before every ride The seats are deep cleaned and sanitized ensuring utmost safety to the riders and drivers both.
Distancing guidelines – The app does not allow to crowd in the car thus, not allowing more than four passengers adhering to social distancing guidelines.
Traveling intercity rules– The passengers are asked to get their Covid Testing done before 48 hours to book the ride.
Asking for feedback & reviews -The Careem taxi booking app encourages to leave a feedback and a review after the ride has ended to help identify the issues related to safety measures. Also, this helps in improvising in serving better.

Developing An Careem Like App

The Careem clone app provide a user-friendly interface for the riders to book their taxi ride from anywhere, anytime. The app recently have updated their human safety features intending to provide safe riding experience to the passengers in this Covid situation.

Apart from that the app comes equipped with robust features, built on latest technology making it scalable for future enhancements.

Steps Involved In Launching An Careem Clone App

  1. When discussing your app concept with your mobile app development company, let them know the reason you are venturing and the kind of riding facility you wish to provide to you users.
  2. Let your team know about your queries and concern and further discuss the stages of the app development.
  3. After receiving your inputs, the mobiole app team will start working on your app and along with furnishes you a live demo of how Careerm like app works. This aids you with the visualization of how your app will look and function.
  4. Once you approve of the demo, the team proceeds further by customizing the app, putting the logo, name of your company etc.
  5. There will be one final live demo arranged and than the app will head towards App store to launch
  6. The mobile app development company will furnish you with the absolute source code, as well as offering 365 days free offer bug support.
  7. Your taxi booking business is launched and all set to go in just a week.

In a nutshell

The taxi booking and rental business is a multi-million dollar business and the industry has tremendous demand, growing in leaps and bounds. If you are looking to venture in to this secto by developing a user-friendly, technologically sound Careem like connect with a white label mobile app solution. With years of experience the team can provide you sound solution for developing Careem clone app. Take the demo to know how the app functions and customize the features suiting your business requirements at a very affordable price.

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