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Modern times have modern requirements, so in today’s environment your child’s education does not end after school. If you are a student and studying online due to the pandemic caused by COVID 19. While checking through different channels, many of us may have noticed the number of educational apps available that you can learn and teach through various educational applications. Some educational apps designed for cell phones, lap iPhone, iPod and a few for Android phones. They also keep the students mentally active outside of the classroom and provide a great healthcare assignment help for youngsters.

1. Unit Converter

The Unit Converter application supports six different conversions including length, weight, temperature, volume, area, time, speed, pressure and frequency. You simply enter your value and select your conversion type from the dropdown box. For an instance, you can quickly convert a unit from square feet to square meters, hertz to megahertz, or gallons to liters. Click the Change button and a popup window will provide the result. For the most common types of instant conversions, Unit Converter is a handy Chrome app.

2. GED scientific calculator

Although designed for GED students, this scientific calculator is a handy tool for any student. The app offers direct entry of fractions, conversions between fractions and decimals, percentages and pie buttons and unlimited parental levels.

3. Duolingo

This entertainment app offers over 30 foreign languages. There are a variety of games to play that will test your writing, speaking and reading skills.

4. The Model Periodic Table

This app is an interactive tool that helps you learn about metals, non-metals, gases, halogens and other elements. Clicking on any of these will pop up the details in the table below. You will see only one popup window without worrying about being redirected to a website. Before paying for the periodic table app for chrome, check the model periodic table.

5. The Number Run

This clever game app on Temple Run helps kids become experts in math’s and they move from one-digit addition exercises to increasing division. At more than 50 levels you have to solve quick exercises so that the avatar can jump on the rocks and dodge the calls to reach the treasure.

6. KineMan

KaineMan is a solid Chrome app for science and anatomy students. This app gives you a dynamic, 3-D human skeleton with realistic joint activity and human posing tools. You are able to select pairs, drag them on the screen or move those using sliders.

7. Little Chatterbox

This language app is unique because it includes videos of older children to teach young children how to form words. It’s great for kids but adults can benefit too. 8 different languages ​​are offered.

8. Stack the States

This application helps children learn about the capitals, flags and other things of different countries and answer them through multiple choice questions. With the help of this app, children learn about maps of cities and their location.

9. The Chemics Lab diagram

It is a unique and fun tool. With click-to-drop action, you can create diagrams for your class projects and presentations. Select your containers, measurements, temperature, filtering, transportation and other tools and move them to the right place for your diagram.

10. Social Studies for Kids

The bundle of this app provides many activities for learning Geography, Cultures, Animals, History and much more. This application helps to organize your homework, classes, and calendar with various features.

To sum it up, as we know that COVID 19 is also still spreading around in many countries, which is why various educational apps are launched to help children gain knowledge?  So that they can also learn while spending time in positive activities on mobile. Below are some of the best educational apps for young children, we hope your child will learn a lot from them. Other than these applications there are number of services where students are placing orders to do my assignment and they are getting resolved with their research works.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.