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Undoubtedly, today’s smartphone devices are powered with a high-capacity battery to powerup the device throughout the whole day without any interruptions.

But how can you survive the situation, if your device is not having a powerful battery inside?

Android devices mostly consume huge power because of the multiple tasks run in the background without our knowledge or attention.

Some of these apps are designed to run continuously without any interruption, so that they can sync your device with the cloud storage to access and store the data segments over the Internet connection, but most of these apps are provided by Google and its subsidiaries. E.g: google maps, Gmail, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc.. 

But unfortunately we cannot abort all the processes running in the background, but yes the good part is we have the options to do so in some cases

Apart from that, there are several other steps that also need to be followed if you really want to power up your smartphone for a long working period.

In this blog post we have covered the 6 most important steps that need to be followed to get the maximum output.

6 Steps to efficiently manage your smartphone Battery performance:

Lower the screen brightness: If you’re setting the high brightness mode for your display to watch more stunning and high-quality videos, then you might end up with a fast battery drain.

So, it is always a recommended way to set the screen brightness at a decent level, you can always do the same by adjusting the brightness slider from the display settings > screen brightness.

Or you can opt for the Adaptive brightness mode from the display settings menu, just turn it on and the device will automatically adjust the brightness of the screen, according to the external light availability. 

Disable live wallpapers & screensavers: Android Live wallpaper applications are also another good cause of fast battery draining, if you’re using such live wallpapers or screen savers on your phone, try to disable it and replace with some high-quality static images, that way you can save more battery for some long run.

If you like to keep your live wallpapers active and can’t be able to change it, you can skip this step.

Restrict background data usage: This is the most important step to be followed , sometimes without our attention, there are plenty of apps keep running in the background of the Android system, those cause excessive battery usage.

Find your time to close those apps and restrict the background data usage for some apps, if you think they’re not necessary for you.

But remember that, you can’t restrict all the apps to do so, there are certain apps that always needs to run in the background to sync data from their servers, so that you can get the notifications & alerts instantly, if any changes happened.

Turn off location, Bluetooth & Hotspot: sometimes while sharing files or letting someone access our device hotspot for any reason, we usually forget to turn off the radio devices e.g: Bluetooth, Hotspot and also the location tracking option.

Make sure you turn it off from the settings menu, as soon as you finished the task, or else the device will keep looking for any newly detected device and that way, the battery will drain fast within a short time period.

Turn off Mobile data: As mobile data packs are now got cheaper in the market, most people do not even care to turn off the mobile data connection, when not in use.

The data connection automatically keeps sending and receiving new data packets while connecting over the Internet, and keeps on the battery consumption in a huge way.

It is always a good step to turn off the mobile data usage while not in use to save more car battery.

Remove unwanted apps: Have you ever cross checked the list of installed applications on your Android device? If you try to find it, you may see there are a good amount of unnecessary applications will be still there which are of no use in our daily life.

What you have to do is to look for the unwanted apps, and then figure out according to your priority of the apps installed on your device.

If you’re finding any applications, that are of no use then you can instantly remove or uninstall the apps from your device to save more energy as well as processing power.

Keep your device clean and always install the right authentic apps from the official app store to prevent yourself from data breach & malwares. 

Never use any mod apps available over the internet for some reasons, if you really like any of your preferred apps, try to purchase the premium version instead, by putting some extra money.

Final Words:

In this article, we have tried to discuss about some of the important factors which causing the battery to discharge fast, if you keep following all the steps correctly, then you have the chance to use your device for a long time and at the same time you will maintain the device security also.

If you find this article useful, then please share it with other friends, for any queries, you can comment us below so that we can reach you with the proper solutions.

By Anurag Rathod

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