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Top Technique to Crack Access Database Password Without Any Hassle

Top Technique to Crack Access Database Password Without Any Hassle

Sometimes, it becomes tough for MS Access users to remember the exact password due to its complexity. Even, many users loss or forgets access database password. After losing the Access password, users become unable to open password-protected Access database. In this circumstance, users start looking at a solution for how to crack Access database password. Hence, we considered this issue and come up with the smart and effective solution to unlock a locked Access database file. Today, we will be going to explain the complete procedure to implement crack password of MS Access database file simply.

User’s Real-time Scenario

Need help! Currently, I am using MS Access 2007 in my local machine. Recently, I have received a password protected Access database which is created in Access 2003. But, I do not have the open password of the locked Access database. I want an efficient third-party application to crack Access Database password quickly. Is there any method to open locked Access database without a password.

How to Secure Microsoft Access Database?

  • Simply hide Access database elements like queries, forms, Macros, tables, and much more., from other users.
  • You can use error handling to secure code.
  • Just hide the Access database wizard
  • You can use AutoExec Macro functionality, to check and reset settings.
  • Apply for password protection.

An Efficient Approach to Crack Access Database Password Instantly

There are so many applications are already present over the internet. But, Access Password Recovery is one of the perfect utility to crack Microsoft Access database password. Using this software, you can easily crack the Access database password without having any data loss issue. It can crack all types of passwords like multilingual, complex, lengthy, and much more.

It does not have any compatibility issues. You can easily install this software on any Windows OS machine. It supports versions like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP and all below versions.

Major Benefits of the Access Database Password Recovery Software

  • A crack password of Access databases file ‘MDB’
  • Permits to recover all types of passwords from encrypted and decrypted Access database no matter what’s their length.
  • Understandable and Self-explanatory user graphical interface
  • Offers Access to copy recovered password to clipboard.
  • Complex and multilingual password supported
  • Supports all versions of Microsoft Access
  • You can download this software from HERE

Steps to Crack Access Database Password

Here, in this section, you will get the step by step procedure to crack, break, and recover MS Access database password effectively. Simply follow all the steps to execute lost Access database password recovery procedure.

Step 1: Launch the Access Database Password Recovery Tool in your system.

Step 2: Then, Browse the desired password-protected Access database to unprotect it

Step 3: Choose the preferred MS Access database file from its relevant location and hit on Open to proceed ahead.

Step 4: Once you choose an open option, a dialogue box appears on your screen. Here, click on Copy Password option to copy password of the opted Access database file.

Step 5: A dialogue box will display on your screen after selecting the Copy Password option. The box appears with a message, i.e., Password Copied to Clipboard.

Step 6: Now, click on the Open Selected Database option to open the selected locked Access database.

Step 7: Here, paste the cracked password in ‘Enter Database Password’ using CTRL+V altogether.

Step 8: Finally, you can Open and view password-protected Access database MDB file.

Final Verdict

This blog emphasized on the proficient solution for how to crack Access database password. There are many free solutions are available over the internet to get rid of this issue. But, when we are talking about the best, so Access Password Recovery tool comes in mind. Moreover, the choice is yours which one you require to unlock password-protected MS Access database.

User’s Tend to Ask

Here, in this segment, we are going to state the a few queries that are asked by the Microsoft Access users who encounter this crack Access file password issue. Let’s have a look:

1. How to break Microsoft Access database password?

2. Can I recover lost Access database file password?

3. How to Restore MDB file password?

4. How to open a password protected MS Access database?

5. How to unlock a locked Access database without password?

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