A Brief Guide about Shielded Cable
Shielded Cable

Getting a smooth and high-quality network connection is not easier, even in developed countries like the United Arab Emirates, which has advanced technology. You do not only need to choose your network connection wisely but also have to invest proper time selecting the right cable, according to your use. Shielded cable is one of the most important types, which provide smooth, interference-free connection in any setting.

What is Shielded Cable?

You might be wondering what a shielded cable is, and we are here to answer your concerns. A shielded cable is the type of cable which has internal shielding to save the cable from signal interference that can negatively impact the network strength or quality. The shielding is like a metallic covering over the insulated conductors, which protects the cable’s external and internal interferences.

Types of Shielded Cables

Shielded cables are available in various types. The types differ according to the type of shielding on the cable. Here are some common types of shielded cables you can opt from, according to your requirement;

  • Braided Shielding
  • Foil Shielding
  • Spiral Shielding
  • Reverse Spiral Shielding
  • Metal Tubes Shielding
  • Conductive Nonmetallic Materials Shielding

Common Uses of Shielded Cables

Here are some of the most common settings that require the use of shielded cables.

  • Shielded Audio Cable
  • Shielded Power Cable
  • Shielded Coaxial Cable
  • Shielded USB Cable

Explore this article in detail to learn a brief guide about shielded cables.

Top 5 Points to Consider While Using Shielded Cable

Knowing about the common types of shielded cables and their use is not enough to make your decision of choosing one without making any mistake. Choosing the shielded cable is one of the toughest decisions for the ones who are not mish aware of the technical matters. 

You have to take a number of factors in mind in order to make your purchase fruitful. In addition to it, poor selection can also compromise the quality of the network, so do not forget to explore this guide before choosing shielded cables.

Here are some of the most important points you need to consider while using shielded cables.

Ensure Proper Ground Connection

The very first point you should consider while using the shielded cables is ensuring the proper ground connection. Most of the time, shielded cables are used in underground settings. Ensuring proper ground conditions will help you avoid problems in the case of construction machinery or tools are used on the ground. 

Moreover, it also ensures the security of workers, so they do not get trapped or damage the cables. Most of the users acquire the help of structured cabling UAE based companies to ensure proper connection while taking care of all the other essentials.

Check Where the Cable Should Be Installed

The setting where a cable is installed is quite important in the case of selecting the shielded cables. So, the next pint you need to consider while using the shielded cables is to check where it needs to be installed. It can be installed in commercial settings, indoors, outdoors, backyard, rooftop and numerous other settings. You have to know the location to pick the one that suits the setting.

Identify Your Network Performance Needs

Apart from the installation setting, identifying your network performance needs is crucial in picking the right shielded cable. You can only receive the right, smooth and high-quality network connection if you have picked the cable, keeping in view your performance needs. If the cable supports lower performance needs, you might face distortion in connection or poor quality network. S, do not make the mistake of ignoring the performance needs.

Use the Right Connector

Another important point that you essentially need to consider while using the shielded cables is using the right connector. The connectors play the most important role in ensuring proper connection and signal transmission from the sender to the receiver. If your connector is not compatible with the networking device or cable, it is bound to lower the quality of the signal and cause disruptions for the users. Avoid all such issues by picking the connector that is compatible with all the other settings.

Install the Cable Rightly

Lastly, the most important point that needs your attention and consideration is to install the cable rightly. Installing the cables need proper planning and execution. Otherwise, you will only get a tangled setup of wires, which undermines the quality of the network. You can hire the service of structured cabling UAE based companies to ensure proper installation of cable while taking care of all the other technicalities and details.

Do you still have concerns?

If you still have concerns, it is much better to get in touch with the professionals and resolve all your queries. Do not compromise or ignore your concerns, as they can ruin the quality of your network in the long run.

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