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The main difference between Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) is that the traffic coming in SEO is purely organic, whereas, as the name suggests, PPC requires you to pay for every click.

 Even though SEO does not require you to pay for advertisement, it cannot be considered truly free of cost because SEO campaigns take longer to provide results as compared to PPC. This means that you will have to invest a significantly longer period of time for the same amount of growth.

When you apply for a PPC marketing campaign, you have the facilities to customise your campaign. You can monitor which keywords regarding your campaign attract the most traffic. Enabling you to invest in those keywords more, thus eventually cutting down your campaign cost. Moreover, PPC also lets you control what kind of crowd gets attracted to your website by limiting when your advertisement gets displayed. PPC is also beneficial in Testing and Optimisation as it can provide you with significant results in a short period of time. You can then check whether your campaign is accurate enough and optimise it accordingly.

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More About SEO & PPC

 Even though SEO provides results with no cost for advertisements, it can sometimes lead to a lot of hassle. You do not have any control over what type of audience your campaign reaches and cannot intentionally direct your business to a local or international audience.

 However, PPC is not always the most beneficial way of Marketing your business. Since there are a lot of new businesses in the market, the costs of commonly used keywords keep going up. Thus, increasing the amount of money you need to invest. Also, your advertisements will stop displaying the moment you stop paying.

  PPC Campaigns are often complex to set up and require a lot of research before it is implemented. New business owners are often unaware of proper marketing strategies and find it difficult to navigate through the tools and facilities provided in PPC. This prevents them from properly optimising their advertisement and making it reach its true potential.

 Smaller businesses with very little to no reach are often based on smaller budgets. Failure to get the required amount of profit from PC could potentially lead to a big hit on the growth of the business. Moreover, instead of the quality of your product/service, the deciding factor in which advertisement reaches the most people will be who has invested more money. Since the more keywords you bid on, the more your advertisement will appear in the search results.

Factors That Decide If You Should Use SEO or PPC

 In order to decide which of these is more suitable for your business campaign, there are a few key factors that need to be looked at: –

Type of business

Identifying what type of product is being provided in your business is important. If you are trying to sell a particular item, you would want a larger number of customers to approach in a short period. Whereas, in service-providing businesses like teaching, it is better to rely on organic growth. Because a seller might change what item they sell from time to time, but a service provider will continue to provide the same service, thus making it a long-time investment.

 Strengthening Your Campaign

Even if you opt for PPC, your campaign needs to be enticing for the customers. Your campaign must be precise and accurate so as to nudge the customer in the right direction. The same keywords used by you could be paid for by multiple other businesses as well. For a customer. The deciding factor in such situations becomes the website and representation of your product.

 Conversion Rates

One of the most important factors to look into while choosing between PPC and SEO is your conversion rate. Every person that clicks on your advertisement may not buy your product. The cost of your PPC campaign needs to be lower than your profit margin for your business to benefit from a PPC campaign.


 While there are a lot of other factors to look into while choosing between SEO and PPC, an optimal marketing strategy is to come up with a hybrid of Marketing Campaigns. Based on your requirements and goals for your business, you can come up with a plan about how much investment needs to be done in either of the two options. For instance, Investing in PPC or PPC services New York can often give your business’s organic growth a kick start as well. If your marketing campaign is strong and many people are clicking on it, the search engine might consider your website more valid and rank it higher in the organic results. Similarly, going for an SEO campaign initially to test out your product on a smaller scale and then investing in PC can significantly help the growth of your business.

By Anurag Rathod

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