Are you confused between SEO & PPC? Which one to choose? So, you don’t know which one to opt to grow your online business and you are looking for an informative guide to expand your knowledge and clear doubts. Many of the CMOS  who are working with the global brands are struggling in finding the differences and which one will best suit to generate a good ROI in the marketplace.

But this is sure that with both marketing strategies you can gain positive results for your business. So, it is necessary to have a clear vision when you are investing your biggest resources time and money.

If the SEO for your website will be done correctly, it will ultimately make the improvement in the Google search ranking as the user will find your page more relevant .

Whatever you are searching on your search engines is completely free, and if you want your website to run with a better ranking factor, so no one can pay for it.

In the field of digital marketing, while you are doing a startup or you are from the long term in the market it’s always in your mind i.e SEO vs PPC.

Deciding what to choose where to put your money for digital Marketing, or following both the strategies will give benefits. So, for all these answers you have to read this complete guide.

The key difference between SEO and PPC

The very basic difference between the SEO and PPC is when talking about the PPC, they are the paid ads, their presence will be on the top of the page, below this search listing of the organic SEO is there.

The other factor is that the traffic which will come with the SEO is free of cost whereas the PPC will cost whenever the user clicks on it. Many times people work collaboratively with these two marketing vehicles and get good results too on their website.

What benefits are provided by SEO to your business?

  • Create awareness for your brand. When the proper SEO strategy has been followed by putting the targeted keywords, this will be visible in the search engine pages. This will attract a potential number of customers.
  • The positive branding will lead to various benefits as the products and services will be visible around a large number of targeted audiences through commercialization.
  • Help in increasing the website traffic with this the audiences will be more aware of your business.

What benefits are provided by PPC to your Business?

  • This shows what position on the page of the search engine. If you are using a paid search which is shown above the fold content part. The ads can be seen as the paid ads. This can be considered as the best way to convey the messages all related to the marketing.
  • With the PPC you can fix your budget limit on how much you can invest per day for an advertisement.
  • With the help of the laser targeted method, it is very easy to target audiences for your products and services.
  • Ppc helps to target potential customers through various factors such as language, time, geography, etc.

When is the perfect time to Choose SEO for your Business?

 If you want stability and want your website to rank in the top ranking list on the search engine page. So, never be late in doing the SEO as it is a time taking process. You need to plan a strategy to do SEO before designing and developing your website.

When is the perfect time to Choose PPC for your Business?

Anytime you can choose to implement PPC but it will be best if you have a small budget to run this when you are commencing it. This strategy will help the business to expand from each parameter and subsequently increase organic traffic.

Once the business is established, there is no necessity to run all the keywords and if you want to rank for some of the keywords then after paying the money.

We have more Precisely Differentiated the SEO and PPC


  • Organic Traffic & high reach                                    
  • Can be implemented easily.                                      
  • Provide the user long term results                         


  •   Fast result but paid
  •  Takes time to learn and implement. 
  •  There is no uncertainty

We hope your quest of choosing between SEO and PPC for your company’s growth is clear now. Depending on the demographic, time, money and manpower, you can choose any of it and let your business graph grow.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.