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LinkedIn is a leading platform to make a meaningful business connection. As per a study, it has been found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than other social media platforms. In this write-up, we will take a look at some of the tools that will help you generate quality leads and reach your target audience. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The Sales Navigator is a great place to start if you have a desire to use LinkedIn to boost sales. This tool is offered by the social media platform itself. Some of the salient features of this tool are:

The application of a sophisticated algorithm to locate customers who are most interested in what you have to say.

Sales insights from the sales navigator ensure that you have the most up-to-date knowledge as a decision-maker.

Relationship-building tools that help you (as a lead builder) get closer to your ultimate objective of making a sale.

LinkedIn provides timely updates to boost the features already available on the Sales Navigator. You can rest assured that it will take your sales to the next level. 


Crystal is a bit different from the rest of the tools available online. The tool can review a LinkedIn profile or premium account. Interestingly, it can provide insight and feedback into the personality of a person. Thus, it will be easier for you to communicate with the person in an appropriate manner.  

When comparing two LinkedIn profiles, you might find the same thing (for the most part). However, once you start using Crystal, you will notice that there are a lot of subtleties that you can pick up on and use to your advantage to avoid the dreaded cold call.

It’s important to improve your communication skills if you want to improve your LinkedIn social sale. You don’t have to do anything with this tool to make this critical shift and replace your cold call with a better lead builder opportunity.                                

Lead Fuze

Without the assistance of a prospecting tool, you can soon find yourself drowning in results, unsure of which path to take. And it’s for this reason that Lead Fuze is so common. Through a simple search, you can easily generate a list of leads and target accounts. The lead collection process is sophisticated, and you also need to be a lead builder. 

This tool also gives users access to contact details, such as email and phone numbers, making it easy to start the sales process. If that wasn’t enough, Lead Fuze also allows you to send customized emails and follow-ups automatically. Thus, you are able to uncover the contact information of more than 100 million B2B professionals. 

If you are writing a paper on LinkedIn marketing and lead generation, you should talk about this tool. And if you are unable to gather valuable resources, you should seek assignment help from the professional experts. 

LinkedIn Chrome Extensions

As per the statistics, 43% of the marketers have amassed customers from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Chrome Extensions are very much helpful in situations when you have to generate leads.Many people don’t consider this to be a direct way to influence sales and social selling, but they’re missing out on a huge opportunity. The following is a list of plugins you can use:

  • Lempod

Lempod is the world’s largest marketplace for LinkedIn Interaction Pods, where other LinkedIn content creators instantly help and connect with one another. When the content receives hundreds of likes and feedback, LinkedIn finds it worthwhile and promotes it to a wider audience.

  • Shield Analytics 

This Chrome extension gathers all the stats from your profile hidden in LinkedIn and displays the dashboard in an easy format. 

  • Loom 

Loom helps you share interesting videos with a simple link. And we all know that videos garner more views, and engagements. 

Similarly, you can take advantage of Lusha, Meetleonard, Loom, etc.

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LinkedIn Small Business 

LinkedIn is essentially a community of professionals with a business mindset. Your small business will be on track to improve revenue, create confidence, and achieve a number of related goals by using this tool.And its three-step approach to social selling is one of the best methods. The three steps are as follows:

  • Establishment of the presence of the brand 
  • Connection with the target audience 
  • Engagement with prospects via content marketing 

In the third step, you create and share valuable content marketing skills with your target audience. You are in a position to attract prospects, encourage them to be decision makers and turn followers 

into advocates. 

There are a lot of options to review when you visit the LinkedIn Small Business center, so you have to ensure that you have time on your side. You will find various strategies, like text ads to sponsored content. 

Sales Loft Prospector 

The name alone is self-explanatory. Sales Loft should not be ignored by those who use a range of sales methods to achieve their objectives. The basic concept is that you should combine all of your most effective sales resources into one framework, ensuring that they all function in complete harmony. Sales Loft Prospector addresses the integration of the following methods on its official website:

  • Crystal
  • Owler
  • Discover Org
  • Datanyze
  • Sigstr
  • InsideView
  • RingLead

It is a flexible and open technology ‘ecosystem’ which includes data providers and participating workflow. It helps in managing searches on the independent web app, and helps in the easy initiation of new searches. 

These are some of the most frequently used tools for generating quality leads and gaining the attention of new people. If you explore the Internet, you will get to see a lot of such tools. You should use these tools as per your requirements and market demand. 

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