With 600 million users, LinkedIn is now the most valued B2B marketing channel for generating qualified leads. 92% of the Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn, and 97 per cent of the marketers use it for content distribution. 

LinkedIn is a gateway to great opportunities. But it is up to you how you use it to your advantage to grow your business. As a business owner, it isn’t really possible or wise to do it all by yourself when you can fall back on tools specialised for the job. And it isn’t just plagiarism checker or spell checker we are talking about for writing the content of your LinkedIn page. In what follows, I will introduce you to the best tools that you can use to ramp up your LinkedIn to get more leads and boost your sales. Here you go!

10 Tools to Generate Quality Leads from LinkedIn

A LinkedIn tool itself, this tool connects buyers and sellers by using an advanced algorithm to align prospects according to the supply and demand. You can get sales insights from the tool, which will eventually help you move closer to making a sale. While this tool may not be cent per cent effective all the time, you get to use it for free. 

So, if you are an entrepreneur running on a tight budget, this can be an excellent option. Moreover, since the tool is a LinkedIn offering, it has the best insights into how the social media platform works. LinkedIn adds new features to the navigator regularly. So, always make sure to use the latest version of it.

If you want to add the LinkedIn functionality to your website, LinkedIn Plugins can help you create sales leads via social selling. You can use plugins like Follow Company, Share, Company Profile, Company Insider, Member Profile, LinkedIn AutoFill and many more. 

While marketers may argue that LinkedIn Plugins aren’t what you call the best strategy for increasing sales, there is more to them than that. You can use the Plugins for some passive push to provide your audience with more information. This way, you will be giving your prospects better reasons to contact you.

With this tool’s three-step approach, you can get into social selling and lead building for your small business. And that isn’t all! Using LinkedIn Small Business, you establish your brand authority and presence, reach out to your target audience and engage with them using content marketing. By creating and sharing valuable content with your target audience, you will get to encourage your prospects to be decision-makers and brand advocates.

Now, when it comes to LinkedIn Small Business, there are several features, and not all will be suitable for your business. So, spend time reviewing each feature and checking whether it aligns with your business niche or not. You can choose from sponsored content to text ads depending on your sales goals.

Known as the world’s largest personality platform, Crystal is a tool that will review a LinkedIn profile and provide insight into the person’s personality. With access to such personalised information, it will be easier for you to communicate with the person appropriately – just the way he or she expects. That way, you will be able to avoid being ghosted or the risk of a cold call. 

Crystal will give you access to the subtleties of every dynamic lead out there, thus helping you be a better communicator and improve your social selling skills on LinkedIn. A must-have for building a stronger lead potential, the tool comes with a simple interface that is pretty easy to use.

LinkedIn is a huge family of more than 430 million members. That makes it a double-edged sword – you have so many prospects to explore, but you can drown in a sea of data. Now, if you don’t want to waste time in a wild goose chase, you can use LeadFuze to create a list of leads who will be genuinely interested in your offerings through a simple search.

With this tool, you will get access to the contact information like the email and phone number of the leads, thus helping you start the sales process. You can even use LeadFuze to send personalised emails and automated follow-ups. 

If you want to use multiple sales tools to reach your goals faster, SalesLoft is the tool you need to integrate all the sales tools to work in unison in perfect harmony. You can use tools like DiscoverOrg, Crystal, InsideView, RingLead, Datanyze and Sigstr along with the SalesLoft Prospector. 

While the tool has an open and flexible ecosystem that lets multiple platforms participate in a common workflow, SalesLoft has one downside. The tool has a complicated user panel, which might pose a problem for beginners. However, if professionals handle your sales and marketing department, this would be the perfect solution.

  • Outro

If you want to uncover qualified leads outside your network, Outro is the perfect tool for you. This tool can give you access to potential clients from your network as well as the Outro community. That way, you will not have to spend hours searching on LinkedIn for premium accounts and qualified prospects. 

Besides saving you valuable time, Outro makes the search process a lot more efficient with its relationship-strength algorithm. All it takes is one click for the tool to find top matches based on your criteria. You also get to integrate the tool with most CRMs and export contact data of target customers. Thanks to the powerful search algorithm, you will be able to expand your network and find qualified prospects in no time at all.

If you are one of the old-school business entrepreneurs who like to print lists and make calls, this is THE tool for you. is one of those few tools that let you download elaborate lists of names and contact details of quality leads from LinkedIn to Excel. Apart from the convenience, there is more to this tool. has a feature called Sequences that lets users personalise messages and track what is happening in your sales funnel. The tool also assesses various data from the prospects’ profiles and lets you understand the prospect contenders, the customers who work in the same industry and a lot more. 

When you visit someone’s profile, he or she gets you in their suggestions due to LinkedIn’s algorithms. Now, the only catch is that visiting hundreds of profiles of probable qualified prospects can be time-consuming. This is where eLink Pro comes in to automate the entire process. 

An excellent choice for sales-minded individuals, this tool can visit 800 profiles per day and collect information about them. As per my experience, you will get a 5 to 10% of quality leads of the entire lot. But that is better than it sounds. If 40 to 80 people check out your profile every day, essay writer some are bound to become connections, while some may even qualify as leads. Basically, you are not losing anything!

If you want to know what your LinkedIn connections are doing on other social media platforms, you need Discoverly. With this tool, you will access information related to the person’s profile on other social media platforms. So, you will know what your prospects are searching on Facebook, what kind of things are they sharing on Twitter, and what are they up to on Instagram.

Since sales happen when you connect with your qualified prospects and get them on the same page as you are in, Dicoverly will help you develop a deeper connection with leads. You can use the tool as an extension on your Chrome browser to see information from all social media networks as you browse.


LinkedIn is a sea of B2B networking opportunities, only if you know how to sail with the breeze. Well, now you can chuck all your worries when these tools are here to help you take advantage of all that the social media platform has to offer. From managing your sales funnel to organising your contacts to exploring what your prospects are up to on other social media networks, these tools can do it all. So, get the ones that suit your sales goals and churn qualified leads by the minute to up your sales numbers.

If you have any other tools that you have used, please share them in the comment section below.

Author Bio: Peter Clarke is a marketing professional and team leader in a leading marketing firm in Canberra, Australia. The brains behind numerous successful online marketing campaigns, he also works as a part-time tutor at as an  dissertation writer . In his free time, Peter loves to travel and bake.

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