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With more than 12.7 million Instagram users, businesses that don’t have an Instagram account can lose a tremendous amount of money from prospective customers. Making an Instagram is a super easy task but managing it well is a tricky task for every business. Keep updating content on this platform will take your business nowhere, so what you need is to hire expert Instagrammers who can handle your company’s Instagram management task. In case you want to know why to pay money for Instagram management services, then it’s time to unlock the main reasons for taking this step.

Boost Brand Awareness in Short Time

Consider expert Instagrammers as market players; they know what things will create a buzz on the platform and what kinds of work make you lose it all. So, when you want to increase brand awareness in a kick-ass manner, you should always hire Instagram managers. They will develop the best brand awareness strategies through which your business will enjoy a buzz on Instagram quickly.

Without them, you don’t know what trick will work better for your business; your instant brand awareness mission takes longer than expected for its proper accomplishments. It’s not what you want. Therefore you should let managers skillfully promote your Instagram account.

Avail Professional Instagram Account Management Services

When you hire a professional, then he has experience and expertise to manage your Instagram account. Management doesn’t mean posting fresh and exciting content on your account; it’s more than that in reality.

As soon as you hire an expert to manage the Instagram account, then he will:

  • Perform analysis on your current account. It’s a kind of audit where an expert tries to understand your account’s strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of this audit is to tell you where your business is standing at present.
  • Devise the best content creation strategy. This plan will highlight the kinds of content he is planning to produce in the upcoming month for your target audience. This plan is the best because it is designed by taking into account your target market’s needs and interests.
  • Start creating content. Sometimes, this content is nothing but an image with an interesting caption, while other times, it’s a mega-event or contest. Generally, Instagram managers bring a great variety of content so that customers can stay on your page for a long time. It would be a mix of videos, images, stories, reels, and other features.
  • Monitor every single post on your account to know what content type works more than others. This monitoring will help a manager understand the result of every effort he is making. And you will get this monitoring report through Instagram analytics.
  • Create a report at the end of the month. In this report, you will see the actual result of all efforts he has put into managing your Instagram account.  There will be different metrics in the report. You would know all about the engagement level and clicks on each post. This reporting will let you decide whether to continue with the Instagram manager or to start learning on your own how to manage the Instagram account (just in case you don’t get good results).

Enjoy Business Growth

Every business owner wants to see an uptick on his business growth graph. Unfortunately, many businesses experience stagnation on their Instagram account. They might have got millions of Instagram users and good engagement every day, but such metrics don’t matter as you are not getting new Instagram followers and customers.

“Stagnation is Death. If you don’t change, you die. It’s that simple. It’s that scary.” – Leonard Sweet.

In simple words, you can’t get your business stagnant. You need growth. You might already have an in-house team that manages your Instagram account, but it’s time to change the angle and perspective. Bring experts on board, or simply hire someone from Instagram growth agencies.

Why do You need to Instagram Growth Services?

You might have managers in your team, but you do not have growth hackers. These are experts who have tips, tricks, and methodologies to bring life back into your business. They have fresh eyes and ears that you can use to bring some new and creative concepts- whose implementation will let your business get out of the stagnation zone and move to its next immense growth and development phase.

Organic vs. Paid Growth – Try to Focus on Organic More

Some businessmen think that throwing money on ads will help them get out of the stagnant zone. The fact is that this money might bring more followers, but you won’t be able to pinpoint the problem inside your Instagram account. Your account must grow; if it’s not growing as you expect it to be, then the problem might be its content and other aspects. Only a human-eye can pinpoint weakness and problem areas of your Instagram account.

Therefore, you need organic Instagram growth service because you won’t only enjoy growth but also get an idea of what was not working for you and what’s working now. This knowledge is vital in the business world because you try to avoid that stagnant hazard in your business’s later phase.

How to Hire an Instagram Account and Growth Managers?

You can find tons of lists of the best organic Instagram growth service 2020. However, it would be best if you were quite smart when it comes to hiring an Instagram account manager or top Instagram growth service. On platforms like Fiverr or Upwork, you can check customer reviews that provide you an idea of whether hiring that professional will make any change in your business growth or not.

However, when you get an application from the best Instagram growth service provider, make sure you review their personal Instagram account to evaluate their expertise level. Ask for past customer references. Inquire about their content strategies. A skype interview must do the thing before hiring an Instagram account manager or growth hacker.

I suggest you trust your gut feeling when it comes to picking the best Instagram growth service. Go with a one-month trial program, where you can analyze their service. Some growth agencies have a free-trial system, where you let them manage your Instagram business account for 10-15 days. Once you start seeing good results, then you hire them.

I suggest you go with a free trial as you can better test expert Instagrammer’s service through it. If you don’t see any difference in your account followers and engagement, you can always switch to another expert. You lose nothing by making this deal of free trial service of Instagram management and growth.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.