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There is another point that is as important as increasing the number of followers on Instagram. Ways to increase the number of Instagram likes increase depending on your number of followers. Another point to be aware of is like numbers. Because the high rate of likes of your Instagram account is also very important to be a phenomenon or at least popular on Instagram. Because your number of followers shows the potential of your account. Even though it may seem, the most important point showing how active your account is is the like numbers.

For this reason, users who want to be a phenomenon on Instagram should pay attention to their liking rates. Otherwise, you cannot become a user who attracts attention or collects followers. If we look at the event from another angle, it will also be appreciated for the permanence of the followers coming to your account. It is important to have shared and to have a high number of likes. In this context, there are several methods users can do. Let’s examine the ways to increase the number of Instagram likes in more detail.

Ways to Increase the Number of Instagram Likes

The Importance of Using Labels

The tag is very important in gaining Instagram followers and in the process of gaining Instagram likes. Adding relevant tags to your posts means that users will visit your page more. Because more visits mean both gaining more followers and adding more likes to the share. For this reason alone, you should use tags. It is also a known fact that unlabeled posts reach fewer people with fewer likes. Of course, the use of labels should not be done randomly. Many users make the same error. Using too many tags in the same share, as well as using tags that are not related to the share. Finally, using the wrong label will cause the effect of the label to backfire. In this case, you may even lose your existing followers instead of gaining likes. Therefore, it is important to use popular tags that earn their liking in moderation.

Pay Attention to the Image Quality of Shared Images

Instagram used to be quite lacking in this regard. Because photo sharing was limited within a certain frame and users were prevented from making high quality and high-dimensional posts. When this situation started to receive complaint messages from many users, it eliminated the obligation to share square type photos with its new design on Instagram. In this way, users are now able to share much better quality. Even after this arrangement, many quality posts started to be made. If you want to gain more likes, you must make effective sharing in this way. Adding filters to your posts and maybe enhancing them with effects can make you more likes.

Connecting to Other Social Media Apps

Social media is like a spider web. When we look at it in general instead of evaluating it only through an application, we know that social media applications can reach almost every region. Of course, taking advantage of these limits will allow you to reach a much wider audience in your account. Therefore, to get more likes, be sure to associate your Instagram account with other social media accounts such as Facebook. In this way, when you make a share, you can increase the number of likes on your Facebook account users. Also, showing your interests by connecting to programs such as games, applications with your Instagram account will be effective in getting likes.

Increasing Your Followers by Buying Instagram Likes

Although there are many tricks to gain Instagram likes, we know that Instagram takes serious precautions against all tricks. In other words, even if you are not noticed with like cheats in the first place, Instagram can detect the tricks you use in the later stages. In this case, you can be punished for a long time due to community rules. Sometimes you can even be directly on your Instagram account. It is possible to increase the liking without encountering such situations. What you need to do is to choose sites that sell real Instagram likes. You can highlight your posts by increasing the number of likes of your posts for very small fees. In this way, you can increase your liking rates even more. Because the posts with a high rate of appreciation are enough to attract the attention of other users.

Make Active Shares on Current Issues

As social media users know, it is very important to talk about current issues in social media. This is very important both for being an active user and for your account to gain importance. Just as articles about current issues are shared from the Twitter account, such a sharing method should be followed from the Instagram account. In this way, you will attract users who follow current topics to your account. Also, this will make your posts get more likes. Also, take care to share actively. It is very important to post at least once or twice a day. This will also allow users to pay more attention to your account.

Follow tags related to your topic

Follow the tags related to your topic and leave comments under them. These comments should not be like “follow me and visit my page”. Make it more natural and don’t let the page owner delete your comment. So if you need to give an example from a recipe, you can go under the relevant dish and leave a comment like “I tried this dish in the oven and it was nice”. Relevant people will visit your profile.

Let’s talk about these methods a little. First, you need to follow the media up to date. This includes both social media and news media. As for news media, you can use internet newspapers that are effective in this field. Because there is a lot of user potential in these areas. If you add your comments to current news and add promotions of this news to your Instagram account, you can get followers from users interested in the subject.

Build a target audience

Have a general concept and try to share often. Use lots of tags to reach your relevant target audience. Interact with the people who follow you and show that you are interested in them. This doesn’t mean to follow everybody who follows you, but you can show that you are following them now and then. You can do this by going to the profile of a follower who has left a comment on your photo, looking at his story, or by liking or leaving a comment on a photo.

In short, using social media and media tools, it is possible to gain followers on the agenda and create a new environment in this regard.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.