How Can SEO Improve Your Organic Search Results?

It is estimated that every second nearly 70,000 search queries are typed in Google. It means 5.8 billion searches in a day, translating to approximately 2 trillion searches on an annual note. 

Since billions of searches are conducted every day, you need to make sure that you stand out as a strong SEO player. 

You should have a strong SEO game because good SEO acts as a bridge between your business and customers. Having a higher web page rank in the organic search listing of Google for the focus keyword is incredibly valuable. 

So, to help your business thrive, we have come up with the most efficient strategies of Search Engine Optimization  to improve organic search results. 

Improve your organic search results with SEO

Focus on creating quality content 

Quality content is useful for capturing your audience’s attention. Relevant and meaningful content is essential to hold a visitor on your website, also known as dwell time; the amount of time a visitor stays on your website, which directly impacts your organic ranking. Fresh, quality content is a win-win, along with capturing visitor’s attention, it makes them return to your website for new information in the future. They even share it with others. In this way, visitors keep returning to your website and keep sharing your content and contribute to your organic traffic count. 

Define a focus keyword list

It is unreasonable to keep a goal of pulling top rank in SERP for every keyword related to your industry. You should identify the most desired keywords and keep a goal to attain a high organic ranking for them. Think of the keywords and terms that your customers may use to search for your products or services; list them, and check the traffic and competition for each, using Google’s Keyword Planner. 

Keywords with low to medium competition and high volume are best to enlist. They are potent to high traffic and are easy to rank. 

Check your current ranking status

It is important to know the current status of your search engine results before you take any action to boost search ranking for your website. 

By knowing where you stand, you can easily identify the area you need to improve and get a solid base to work with. You can use tools to check the rank of your web page for certain keywords and terms. This information allows you to make efforts in the right direction, which improves the organic search ranking of your site. 

Improve user experience 

A website that is slow to load, or looks untrustworthy, outdated, and amateurish to Google most likely leads potential users to bounce back to the SERPs and click on another result. It makes you lose a user and potential conversion, plus the bounce rate of affected pages also increases. Bounce rate negatively affects the organic ranking of your website. 

The objective of Google is so simple, it aims to find the best possible result for every user query. Providing the best search results to the user Google becomes the largest search engine in the world. So you need to be on the list of best, improving user experience

Focus on originality

You must keep the originality element in your content to maintain its quality. SEO prioritizes individuality. So duplicate text can harm the organic ranking of your page. It means republishing articles from other sources can do more harm than good for your site. Stick to the idea of posting original content and improve your organic search ranking. 

Image optimization 

Images are the best way to capture the viewer’s attention- they speak louder than words. Use high-quality images for your website to optimize images as well as improving page load time. In boosting organic search ranking, file size and format play a critical role. Large images take lots of time in loading which in turn increases page load time and resultantly harms search engine ranking. To optimize images, compress or resize them. 

It is always better to use keywords in the image title, alt text, file name, description, and caption. It shows relevancy between your image and searches. 

Organic ranking demands consistent efforts and focus. Start with adopting the above-mentioned ways to achieve a high organic search ranking. 



No matter how incredible and innovative your products and services are, if you are not on the number one page of organic search results, people may never know about your business. But, with the right SEO strategies, you can thrive the organic SERP results.

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