Mobile Website Testing

The use of smartphones has seen spectacular growth in recent years. The growing adoption of smartphones has made internet services accessible to a larger section of the population. As the internet usage on smartphones has accelerated significantly, mobile devices have revolutionized the way we connect, and the way businesses operate.

Mobile is becoming the new digital hub, and it has seemingly transformed digital operations. If you wish to transform your business, you can develop a mobile-friendly website for your company. Mobile websites will help your customers to navigate your services easily. Enhanced visibility will improve the scalability of your business.

However, you need to check the functionality and receptivity of your mobile website so that it can deliver a seamless performance. You can even conduct a website test on real devices before you launch your website on mobile devices. As mobile traffic has become just as prevalent as desktop traffic, you need to check the status of your mobile website to maximize the productivity of your business. As per the studies, 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last six months. If you want to optimize the potential of your mobile website, you need to test its functionality, usability, and consistency.

Testing mobile websites is an imperial phase in the website development process. This article lists the six best reasons to perform mobile website testing.

Makes websites easily accessible

A mobile-friendly website can be accessed with ease by using any browser across the mobile device. The websites should be compatible with all devices and platforms. The website should be responsive to the screen size of the mobile device. A responsive mobile view of the website helps it to rank at a higher position in the search engines. As more visitors access the website, it will help your business to grow significantly. This can be checked with the help of mobile website testing tools.

Makes websites mobile device compatible

A comprehensive mobile website testing makes sure that your website is compatible with all the targeted mobile phones. It helps you to check the functionality of the website to determine if it gives the expected results. Testing your website design is important as a single web page can appear differently in two different web browsers. This can severely affect the user experience.

Makes websites easier to find

The search engine gives priority to mobile websites over desktop apps. That means the users will be able to quickly find your mobile-friendly website across the search engines. The accessibility factor of mobile phones is greater than desktops, which makes it easier for users to browse the internet.

Offers speed & accuracy

It is easier for users to use mobile phones if they want to resolve their queries, book movie tickets, browse social media platforms, make purchases online, and other digital activities. Mobile phones have greater leverage of speed and convenience. Hence, to ensure that the users can instantly access your website, you need to perform mobile website testing along with responsive testing.

Makes a website look professional

If your website is not tested thoroughly, several small errors will permeate during the later stages. Various errors like long loading times, broken links, typos, grammar mistakes, non-functional buttons, and other common issues may arise later. These issues hamper the user experience of the mobile website. Website testing helps to rectify and clear these errors before it is launched. The device-specific responsive testing improves the attractiveness of the website across mobile devices.

Running the performance checks for your mobile website helps to identify the design problems. This will enable you to figure out the issue in the performance, which is causing it to slow down. These tests help you to identify the loopholes and improve the overall performance of the website. An effective design for your mobile website will enable it to use the bandwidth easily.

Boosts website security

Ensuring the safety of your website is important. You need to implement the necessary security features into your website to secure it from cybercriminals. A website can become susceptible to cyber exploits because of the negligence of the website administrator or due to some persisting issue in the web design. Website design testing helps to identify design hazards on time. This will protect your mobile website from cyber threats.

To Conclude:

It is important to develop an error-free mobile website to augment the capacity, scalability, and performance of your business. Mobile website testing helps to identify the various hidden issues in the website before it is launched on the mobile device. Thorough testing removes the hurdles which may affect the ranking of your website. It also boosts the interactivity of the user with the company through the website.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.