What Are The Significant Facts to Know About Thermal Paper Roll

Today, thermal paper is considered a standard for businesses. Its usage has made companies capable of rendering up-to-the-mark services to the users. Many industries started relying on it due to its quality output and cost-effectiveness. The list of advantages doesn’t end here; there are other ones you might have missed learning about.


High-quality thermal paper is compact, lightweight, and doesn’t require much space thus;, you don’t need to worry about its placement. Due to the lightweight thermal, paper can be easily carried out or transported from one place to another.  

Ease of usage

Because of its lightweight and easy-to-use characteristics, thermal rolls find their usage for printing receipts in different sectors, including airports, retail stores, travel agencies, hotels, gas stations, parking lots, ATMs, and many more.

Can produce different color printing

One of the best benefits is, you can have multiple color printing on a thermal paper roll. All Thermal Paper can be Pre-Printed with corporate logos and marketing messages.

Don’t cause jamming of printers

It’s the best alternative to speed up your business operations. The reason is, it doesn’t cause any jamming of printers resulting in less or no wastage of time.

Environmental friendly

On the top, the thermal paper presents the best example of environmental friendliness as it can be recycled after use. Being valued as the best source of saving natural resources, thermal paper also proves to be economical and cost-effective for businesses.

A Few Major Factors to Know About Thermal Paper Rolls

You must have encountered thermal paper in different industries, starting from lottery tickets, ATMs, bill receipts at grocery shops, banks, and many others. Also, there are benefits like cost-effectiveness, lightweight and faster processing that thermal paper offers to its users. Besides, there are a few little-known facts that might not know about thermal paper rolls. Take a glimpse:

Thermal paper is in prominence since the 1960s

You hardly know that the very first thermal paper was made by Texas Instruments back in the 1960s. Later in the 1980s, the market has changed to create better printing paper. Thanks to Japanese scientists. They created far better and durable printing paper. In the late 1990s, printing technology evolved more proficiently and gifted the printing industry a better thermal paper that many businesses have widely used.

The paper has special BPA coating, allowing inkless and smudge-free printing

There’s a fact that thermal paper is sensitive to heat and coated with a special chemical that allows prints to appear clearly. What you may don’t know is that the coating that thermal roll paper has is the same that is used for producing hard plastic items. The coating is known as BPA (bisphenol A).  BPA has now been replaced and is no longer used in US made Thermal Papers.

It is found everywhere

You won’t believe it, but thermal paper is used in every realm. You can find usage of thermal sheets at grocery stores, ATMs, financial document printing, healthcare sectors, etc. There’s no place where thermal paper is not available; thus, you can buy it from anywhere you want.

To get your consignment delivered, you have to choose a reliable thermal paper supplier and manufacturer. But, make sure you’re connecting with a trusted company that has maintained a track record of delivering supreme quality thermal printer paper rolls.

Thermal paper industry making the most out of everything

Just imagine how many businesses require printed receipts for their day-to-day operations. They manage it all by having a bulk supply of customized receipt rolls from credible suppliers. With most ventures finding benefits using thermal paper, the industry is booming and getting optimum benefits.

You can buy a broad array of thermal paper rolls

Thermal paper can be purchased by keeping two significant factors in mind – size and price. But now, with the advancement in technology, you can have a variety of thermal paper based on your requirements.

If you want your business details to be printed on paper, that can be done easily by asking your supplier. This can be done in any color. Isn’t it good that now you can improve your branding just by improving your print receipts? Go and ask for your customized consignment today from your supplier. 

How to Test If Your Paper Roll Is Thermal?

You can achieve the desired results by doing a simple test. Let’s check how to test whether your paper sheets or rolls are bond paper or thermal paper.

  • Take around 6 inches of paper you want to conduct the test for
  • Draw a thin line on the paper by tightly pressing your fingernail or by scratching on one side
  • Repeat the same test on the other side of the paper. The reason is, the special thermal coating can be applied on any side of the paper.
  • If you are able to draw the line on paper, you’re using thermal paper, and if not, you can try the same test for other paper sheets you have. The paper you’re using might be Bond paper.
  • You may have heard about the terms “Coated Side In (CSI)” and “Coated Side Out (CSO)” for thermal paper sheets and rolls.
  • If you can draw a line with your fingernail outside (on top) of the roll, you’re using a CSO thermal paper, and if the same occurs inside (at the bottom) of the paper, your paper is CSI.

This is how you can test whether you’re using thermal paper or some other paper for your business.

Wrap Up:

You must have thought that thermal paper may not have much exciting to explore, but you don’t know that it has a pretty worthy and exciting history to discover. This is why ventures from all around the world rush to reap its advantages to boost their business processes. Experiencing reliability and durability, businesses are rapidly adopting thermal paper to make their business process fast and cost-effective.

If you’re the one looking for the best and high-quality thermal paper rolls, you should contact a trusted market supplier today.

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