The Ultimate Guide to Writing PPC Ad Copy

Businesses can create highly targeted advertising campaigns via the pay-per-click marketing process. It widens the scope for them to reach out to their most valuable audience or customers online. For many businesses that can’t compete in the sea of organic rankings with important keywords, PPC services provide them an opportunity.

Potential customers may see the ads of these businesses for the first time and get to know about the brand. Therefore, it puts importance on creating a good first impression, writing great ad copy. It will introduce your brand message and entice potential customers to check out your website ASAP!

These pay-per-click marketing ads are the bridge between your customer’s needs and your business solution for the needs. Therefore, winning their attention, enticing them with offers, and providing necessary steps for converting starts with your PPC ad copy. The best PPC agency is the one that creates engaging ads for PPC marketing.

Writing PPC ads requires a proper balance of ambiguous business understanding and technical understanding. It’s no longer easy to write great ad copy. Here are a few of the best practices for writing quality PPC Ad Copy:

PPC Ad Anatomy

Before you learn about how to write the best PPC ad copy, you should first know about its anatomy. It’s common for ad requirements and specifications to differ based on advertising platforms. That’s why here’s a Google Ads anatomy that we have broken down into different pieces:

The Headline

When it comes to Google’s PPC ads, it has a limitation of 30 characters. It is typically the first ad piece that a user will see. Aligning your headlines with the keywords in your ad group and landing page can lead to quality score success. In an ad, you can provide a maximum of three headlines.

Description Line 1

In your first description line, you can add up to 90 characters. Within the limited character frame, advertisers have to put up a relevant, interesting offer for promotion. It will be a wise decision to bring in a pro PPC services provider to write down the perfect PPC ad for your brand.

Description Line 2

It is the second 90 character limit space that allows advertisers to develop on their first description line. Sometimes, advertisers utilize the space by adding a call-to-action for the users.

The Display URL

This is the URL that users see when they view your Ad. It is not always the URL where visitors will be taken to when they click the Ad. If the original URL looks cluttered and has lots of numbers in it or else doesn’t look appealing, the display URL comes forward. These URLs clean up space into a simple, easily readable URL. It shows users where the link will take them.

The Final URL

Users can’t see it. It doesn’t have any character limit. The final URL represents the URL where visitors will be taken to after they click your ads.

Guide For Writing Best PPC Ad Copy

Be Relevant

The PPC ads you are creating for attracting potential customers to pay attention must bring some interest to them. These ads must have some relevance to their needs. You either win the battle or lose depending upon your PPC advertising campaigns and ad groups.

You must ensure whether the campaign structure has an optimized fashion for the success of relevancy. But the focus should also be on creating excellent ad copy. Otherwise, it won’t be able to gain relevance among potential customers. The ads must match the keyword theme in a corresponding ad group.

Your ad must contain keywords that match the user’s search query. In the search results, your ad’s keywords will be in bold, leading to more click-through rates. The more your ad matches with the searcher’s intent, the more they will click through to visit your website. Experienced and reputed PPC service providers know the importance of relevant PPC ads. So, for your company’s success, professional help can be a wonderful choice.

Stay Concise

In the advertisement, there are character limits that advertisers have to abide by. They can’t use long messaging in PPC ads. Therefore, the character limit leaves only a little room for showing creativity. You have to make the ads to the point and concise. When you do so, it will help to speak your message, and that too within the required character limits. If you contact the best PPC agency to create concise PPC ads for your brand, you will get a better result.

Use Unique Value Proposition

When you have already grabbed the attention of a potential customer with a wonderful headline, you can use a unique value proposition. It will surely help your offer to stand out among your competitors. But how can you provide a solution to a customer’s need or problem via your product or services?

There should be a valid reason that someone buys your product or take your service over others. Is there something better in you than the other advertisers whom you displayed with? By using a UVP, you can stand out from others.

Add Proper Punctuation And Title Case

Besides using actual words and good content in your text ad, the focus should also be on punctuation and formatting. In case there’s no correct punctuation or formatting, the ad will be harder to read by the potential customer. It has a high chance of undercutting your credibility as a company.

Using the title case for writing every headline with normal capitalization in writing descriptions will give you a head-start. Here are few examples:

  • Contact Us Now for a Free Guide
  • 50% Off On Ski Instruments Today

Also, don’t forget to finish each description line using proper punctuation. When you do so, it ensures strong readability, even if Google shows your ad differently. You must add punctuation in description lines but don’t put it on the ad headline. It goes against editorial guidelines by Google.

Guide Audience With Call-To-Action

So, you have already enticed a potential customer via the PPC ads. These ads clearly tell them why your brand is better than the rest. But then what to do? It’s time to communicate with them what you want their next step to be after they come to your site. It’s the time where a CTA or call-to-action comes into play for a conversion.

CTA implementation into your PPC ads copy is a wonderful way of driving click-through and increasing conversion rates. So, what CTAs can you use for making it work based on your ad? Here are some examples of CTAs:

  • Shop Today
  • Buy Now
  • Sign Up
  • Contact Us

These phrases help visitors get guidance for taking the next step, leading to conversion. When visitors are already impressed by what you are offering, you would want them to take immediate action.

Try Experimenting

You may not write a great ad copy on your first try. Still, you can keep on testing by creating different types of ads. When you implement ad tests, you get to witness what resonates with your customers and what doesn’t. So, keep on experimenting to find out what works the best. Else, you can hire the best PPC agency in your area and let them prepare great PPC ads for your brand.

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