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What is On Page SEO and how to do perfect On Page SEO?

What is On Page SEO and how to do perfect On Page SEO?

About On Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the trending topic in this decade. By using SEO, you can easily rank your business website in the first page of the Google search results for the user’s target search query. As we say, SEO is not a simple task at all, Its like research and implementation and lots of strategy to be planned to rank a business website organically in Google for the target keywords.

SEO mainly involves two categories, one is On Page SEO and the other is the Off Page SEO. On Page SEO deals with all the optimization works which is done inside the webpage to rank it on SERP’s. Whereas Off Page SEO deals with all the works and the link building which is done outside of the website to improve the authority. Digital Entrepreneur like Fernando Raymond believes that doing the perfect On Page SEO will help in improving the organic ranks smoothly.

In the blog let’s see how to do perfect On Page SEO for a blog post. Core On Page SEO includes the below factors,

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords
  • URL slug
  • Image optimization
  • Heading tags
  • Internal/External links

Title tag

Title tag is the main heading of a blog post or a web page which is displayed in the Google search results as shown in the below image. Title tag can be around 60 characters maximum or less than that. You can try to have the target keyword in the title tag, but not more than once or you should not stuff the keywords. Below image shows the title tag of a popular web hosting company in India.

Title tag

Meta Description

Meta Description is the short piece of content which is displayed below the title tag as shown in the below image. Meta description should be a maximum of 160 characters or less than that. As like the title tag, you can try to have the keywords in the meta description, but you should not stuff the keywords.

Meta Description

URL Slug

URL slug is the display link or the path for the webpage. It can be short and can contain the keywords in the URL. Having short URL is always SEO friendly and will help you in improving the organic ranks.

Image Optimization

When uploading the image to the webpage, you should always make sure that you add the alt tags to the images. Alt tags also called as the alternative text is the name for the images by using which search engines can read the images easily. So when you publish a post or a webpage, you should always ensure to add the alt tags to the images based on the focus keywords.

Internal/External Links

When it comes to On Page SEO, you should always give more number of internal links within your website to help the users navigate easily. At the same time, you should give some external links to the reliable sources as well.

If you have any business website, you can hire the best SEO Consultant like Dinesh Kumar VM from ClickDo, SEO Agency in London and get the job done in the best possible way.

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