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Vlogging has now become popular mean to ear. For the fact that most people do vlogging just because they love it. So if you have recently searched for how to earn from vlogging then probably you are interested in choosing vlogging as a career goal. Making money through vlogs is not an easy task rather you have to learn all the tactics before going down the lane.

In this article, you will learn that how can you make money out of a vlog. But what is more important is the focus, interest, and discipline so if you are passionate about it then we will suggest some ways through which you can achieve your goal but you have to be consistent and never give up. Also, all of these points need to be followed thoroughly.

So make a vlog post it, get some views and the money will start following you. So now we will share the methods and ways but never lose hope as when there is a will then there is a way.

Here are 6 methods on how to make money vlogging

1. Add advertisements to your vlog post through Google Adsense:

YouTube is the main platform from where you are going to make money from your vlogs. Youtube run ads on videos and those adds provide a mean to the content creator to earn. The ads are added to the video through Google Adsense. Don’t get anxious about that how will you add Adsense to your videos as this is a very simple process. The addition of Google’s AdSense to YouTube videos is pretty smooth and that is because Google owns youtube. The ads are created by YouTube and they run on the videos that you make and upload, those ads are the actual earnings leading to transfer the money to your account.

How you get money out of it?

Various brands, manufacturers, content creators, and producers including music producers and film producers need to advertise their product and the YouTube is the main platform that has an access to millions of peoples in the world. These people are of different categories and can be customers to the advertisers. To reach out to the customers, these advertisers use YouTube by paying a good amount of money. When people watch a video or click on the ad the YouTube pays 45% of the money to the creator and that is how a content creator gets paid.

How will you add this Google Adsense to your vlog to make money out of it?

 You can earn money through the above-mentioned method but this youtube asks you to fulfill certain requirements after which you will be able to make money.

There are some policies introduced by YouTube under the heading of YouTube monetization policies it is compulsory to follow this policy and not to cross the limit.

YouTube has a partnership program that is only available in several countries. So if you are not from one such country then it will not be easy for you to make money out of YouTube.

Youtube needs you to have at least 4,000 watch hours in the last year.

The main issue that the YouTubers face is that they should have at least 1000 subscribers otherwise they would not be able to make money.

It is important to make a Google AdSense account.

Your content should be great enough to attract viewers. Viewers are always looking for great content and in an indirect way to say they are your customers. The more customers your content is capable of attracting the more clicks you will get and it will also attract the advertisers. This is because everyone is interdependent, you need the advertiser’s money and advertisers need the people who watch your content. So the more positive you get and the more clicks your content has it is more likely to make more money.

The videos stay on YouTube so the money you are getting is a long-term earning.  All the best YouTube videos have views in millions though it is less likely to get even one or two clicks on the ad still the content manages to get more money. For best vlogging videos you might need a vlogging camera capable of producing high-quality videos. Since you are new to vlogging and might not want to spend a fortune, we suggest you look into the Best vlogging camera under $100 that promises to create quality content at a reasonable price.

2. What Is Affiliate Marketing and How It Works

There is a term affiliate marketing which means that you promote certain services on your video and make mentions through links directing to the product or service present on the internet. This is a sort of promotion or advertising game. The service gets its customers and in turn, they pay you.

Among these promotions, Amazon’s Affiliation is most popular and is the best way to earn money from your vlog. You just have to talk about, mention, review or promote a product and give a link to that product directing the viewers to the product. The website will then give you a commission if someone makes a purchase.

Well, what is best about Amazon that Amazon offers a 24-hour “cookie.”  To make it simple it means that if someone clicks on the link that you have provided in the description but is not interested in the product but within 24 hours they make a purchase then you get the commission even if it was not the product in your link. But the purchase has to be made within 24 hours.

So if you want to get affiliated with amazon then you should look into the link to Amazon Affiliates. But this only works if you are active on youtube or any other website. More traffic on your websites results in getting more money in your bank accounts. Some people make up to tens of thousands of dollars a year through Amazon affiliation.

Your vlog should sound like more general or attractive content rather than being a product advertisement. Otherwise, it results in viewers running away from your content.

3. Release your series of products:

Once you get popular on the internet then you can introduce and there are a lot of people following you then you should introduce a new product to the market of your let say glasses, shirts, pens, book or something else. Put your logo on it and get connected more to your fans.

In case if you don’t want to spend money then get any other company into the business. Make products that your viewers will find attractive and let some company handle the printing and shipping process for you. 

4. get different business or companies to sponsor you:

You can get sponsorship from various companies and they will advertise their product through you. For example, a manufacturer finds your vlogs suitable for their product they will approach you to recommend their product, and in return, they’ll pay you for it. you buy the product because you need it and by promoting it you get the money out of it.

There is a catch to this your review or endorsement should be based on honest opinion otherwise if your viewers didn’t find it honest or genuine then they will be disappointed in you and as a content creator, the viewer’s trust is what is most important.

Normally companies do approach different vloggers and bloggers for the content they create but if it is not the case with you then you should approach them yourself. Research on the company that is a good fit for you and shares the demographics of your vlog including the number of subscribers, social media followers, etc., and ask them to support you. While doing this you need to be very professional.

Various companies and websites connect vloggers with sponsors. You can access the company that best fits your vlogs via taking assistance from these companies for example the Grapevine or Fame Bit is one such company. The least requirement for this is having at least 1,000 subscribers on your vlog or each of your uploaded videos should have views in 2,000 per video.

You generally can talk about 3 basic types of sponsorships:

Affiliate sponsorship is when you get a commission for recommending, mentioning a service or product, and each time someone buys the product the service provider gives you the cut. You get the commission and your viewers get a discount from the link you mention.

One-time sponsorships are when you get a huge fan following then companies and service providers reach you out to review a product for them.

Collaboration sponsorships mean the brands and service providers support you for a longer period when you become their brand ambassador and promote them.

5. Getting donation and funds from your fans for amazing contents:


When you create amazing content then your fans become your patrons so they get the content you create for them. This is like your fans donating money per your videos or monthly so that you provide them with amazing content. Once you get real fans then you can use Patreon for earning.

6. Teach your viewers by designing a course.

YouTube has become the main site for how-to, DIY, and crafting. It has become a learning school where almost anything is possible. You can create a course for something you are good at and teach your fans. Unfortunately, on YouTube, you do not get the chance to learn something full-pledged but Udemy provides an in-depth learning opportunity through videos, content, and a series of instructions and lectures. Generally, a lecture or course costs much reasonably like $10-$40.

Make money on Udemy through your vlogs:

Create a vlog about something you know and then when you get viewers then direct them to the content that you have to provide on Udemy. When your fans avail the course you get a full fee that is 100% of what is decided but for the course but in case if someone has clicked accidentally on the link then you get 45% of the fee. Hence, this is a great deal all the way around.

This is one of the best methods to earn money. Also, the popular lectures and videos are viewed several times. the information provided should be relevant and genuine. The course should be useful and worth the cost. It should benefit your viewers from all points of view otherwise you will lose your viewer’s trust.


Making vlogs can be a very difficult task but thousands of people are doing it so can you. You surely can make a successful vlog and nothing is hindering the path. You just have to trust yourself and your capabilities and dive right into the sea of YouTube and make money out of it. It may seem tiring at the start but it needs a complete focus and the rest is a matter of the fact that how much have you put into it and how much have you learned.

By Anurag Rathod

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