Hampta Pass Trek

Traveling is not just an action of experience, it is a prospect. It is the call of the mountains with every audacious progress in dark, capricious landscapes. Furthermore, the territory of Himakhal Pradesh is a serious Neverland for every person loves to keep coming back to the lap of nature, noting that call repeatedly.

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Due to the presence of a decent number of Himalayan peaks within its borders, Himachal Pradesh has different, glowing trails, which provide a name that stands for ‘the place in which there are cold mountains.’ Hampta Pass Trek is one of Himachal’s most popular trails, built between Lahaul and Kullu’s huge valleys in the area of Spiti.

Subtleties of the Hampta Pass Trek, Manali

Over a length of 4-5 days, Hampta Pass Trek is tied in with investigating the sheer impact of the Pirpanjal Range of the Himalayas. Regardless of being a short and nearly simpler trip in and around Himachal Pradesh, Hampta Pass Trek fills the brave heart and feeds the vagabond soul like not many others. Here are the essential subtleties of the trip before you get to its features.

The Story of the Trek

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The trip to Hampta is not about the adrenaline surge or troubling obstacles in the crossroads, as it is often the case with a wide range of Himalayas trips. The lounger at the excellence of the present excursion is more important. The main attraction of the Hampta Pass trip lies in its variety of scenes – it takes you to a mental crossroads of delightful scenes when you begin your visit.

From the coniferous backwoods to Chika to the rich green fields and then rough, raw terrains during the trip to Balu ka Ghera, in the last part of the journey and then dipping into the camping grounds in Shea Goru.- the territories of the journey will keep you entranced.

A valley encompassed by tremendous mountain covered with green grass and large square of stone Enroute Hampton pass several mists overhead on blue shading sky Enroute Hampta Pass

There are stunning amazing surprises of nature to investigate every step of the way and twist of the Hampta Pass trek. The journey starts in Manali, which alone is an excellent pitch to start the tour. However, the first segment of the trip can be carried out by car. The journey from Manali to Jobra from the Hampta Pass Trek takes about 2 hour. The tour highlights some 42 curves and amazing views of the seemingly flawless Kullu Valley.

Every diversion, Kullu introduces itself in new episodes of normal excellence – with high pinnacles delegated with shimmering white snow mirroring the sun’s beams settling the valley and the Rani Nallah River, streaming right along the wandering streets paving the way to Jobra from Manali.

Ponies touching at the Chika camping area arranged at the foot of immense mountain slant with cascade trickling down on the correct side Campsite at Chika

Chika is the primary campground of the journey, and the path taking you from Jobra to the camp is dabbed with thick woods of pine, radiant green maple and shining silver birch trees. The camping area itself is an open pleasant glade in the midst of mountains on all sides and by the bank of Rani Nallah. The night spent in Chika will likely be quite possibly the most critical ones of the trip, spent resting under the twilight Himalayas treks.

Ponies nibbling green grass next to the stream with fog covering the highest point of the mountians in left

In the following piece of the path, it is practically similar to nature has responded to a call to beguile any individual who goes by this route with its enchanting appeal. You go through green fields for the main portion of the journey to Balu ka Ghera from Chika, and on the off chance that you are in karma, you can see mountain dairy cattle nibbling the fields in their own, relaxed mind-set. Against the cloudy, rocky scenery, this scene makes a significant postcard-commendable shot.

Following a night’s rest at Balu ka Ghera, the hardest fix of traveling anticipates you toward the beginning of the day. It gets going with a slight inclination, however soon you run over a shallow lake and it takes off, changing into a cold stretch of a difficult trip. For the admirers of everything daring, this piece of the journey is maybe the most energizing one. The doorway to Hampta Pass Manali will materialize subsequent to intersection two sharp edges and the view from that point will basically leave you confused. Pirpanjal makes an all encompassing edge around you, with the great, snow-clad crown of Mount Indrasan standing tall and pleased in the midst of it, defending its moniker after the God of Thunder. Looking from behind it is Deo Tibba top, the habitation of God.

Adventurers conveying rucksack strolling along the path encompassed by huge mountains overed with pine tree under the blue shading sky

The appearance of the mountains and the immense Lahaul valley wrapped up between the folds of Himalayas presents a serious supernatural setting. It isn’t just remunerating of the debilitating journey yet in addition causes you to feel inconsequential and engaged simultaneously.

Tent set at the ground close to street at a camping area at Chhatru Campsite at Chhatru

Throughout the following two days or something like that, you will behold all the more such wonders of the mountains. When you go through the plummet from Hampta Pass to Shea Goru, the landscape gets simpler indeed with rough pathways. Prior to your journey to Chandrataal Lake and further plunge to the last campground at Chhatru, you should cross one more chilled stream of water at early morning. Be that as it may, it is fairly something great to do with the group, given the journey would be reaching a conclusion and what you achieved together on it.

Best Time to Go

The best an ideal opportunity to go for Hampta Trek is from May to October. During the other portion of the year, the entire districts stay shrouded in snow and experience freezing temperatures, and for clear reasons food gets troublesome. On the off chance that you go during May-June or September-October, you may will see a smidgen of snow. August is the sunniest month in Spiti. Gathering of adventurers holding the standard of moxtain remaining at the snow covered hampta pass valley

May-October is the pinnacle season for Hampta Trek and the temperature stays between 12°-20°C during the daytime and goes down to a couple of degrees above and underneath 0°C during the evening.

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