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It is the dream to try trekking in the Himalayas of any adventure seeker. The narrow passes, steep climbs and descents, and walkers are attracted by the amazing view. Fortunately, the glorious Himalayas, which offer enough opportunities for walking, bless India. Winter may not be the best time to walk, but it is the adventure junkie’s experience.

Yes, walking on snow sheets is difficult. The temperature is freezing, but astonishing views compensate for all the discomfort and effort. Not all these treks are difficult as it is difficult to believe.

Take the best winter hiking tours in the Himalayas to help you choose simple, moderate, and challenging treks.

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Top 11 Himalayan winter treks

These winter walks cover any level of difficulty. The following are listed. If you are a trek keeper or a pro after conquering ten mountains, these treks will just impact you – overwhelming. If it’s your first journey. So, just enjoy your escape from winter as the mountains call you!

1. Triund And Laka Glacier Trek: Take a look from the uneven views

This trek involves beautiful couples with a lot of fun. This fascinating trek takes you to the glacier of Laka Got, where you can camp and relax. Even, don’t forget to snow and to remember your loved ones blissfully!

2. Trek to Prashar Lake A Magic Himalayan Sunrise Witness

Prashar Lake Trek is considered to be one of Himalayan’s top short winter treks. Snuggling through the Dhauladhar valley, the breathtaking views of snow-clad mountains pass through thick pine forests This trek is also perfect for a long weekend!

3. Kasol Kheerganga Trek: Dive in the nature of the sandy springs.

Kasol-Kheerganga trek allows you to rest in the lap of nature and enjoy some peaceful moments, one of the most popular adventures. A journey to the wild bodies that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of the River Parvati.

4. Trek of Kareri Lake: Lock in the middle of Pines of Chir and Chilgoza.

You are in love with nature’s beauty on this enchanted hike. The view from rich forests and narrow landscapes and impractical wetlands gives you countless memories. In addition, you can also enjoy your adventure travel in Tyrolean Traversing.

5. The Lord Curzon trail: Kuari passes the winter trek.

This Kuari Pass Trek was discovered by the former Viceroy Lord Curzon as one of India’s best winter walks and has been popularly referred to as the Lord Curzon route. On the downhill route, trekkers can stop at one of India’s most beautiful ski resorts – Auli.

6. Nag Tibba Winter Trek: Trip to The Aboda of Nag Devta

Nag Tibba is a Hindu pilgrimage to the temple of Nag Deva, as well as being a start-up for winter Himalaya excursions in December and around the month (Snake God). From Dehradun to Pantwari, Nagtibba, Devalsari, and Thatyur, the trek goes through distant villages and landscapes.

7. Dodital Winter Trek: Snow-capped Mountains & Golden Mahseer Fish

You pass through the oak trees, pines, and rhododendrons through simple Dodital treks. It camps on the lovely Dodi Lake, which is popular for its Golden Mahseer Fish before you reach Darwa Pass. It also includes an extension. The picturesque beauty and the fresh weather make Uttarakhand amongst the best places to hike in January.

8. Winter Trek of Auli Gorson: A Short Stay In The Paradise of the Alps

It takes you by Auli and Joshimath from Rishikesh to Gorson Bugyal, one of the most beautiful winter trips in India. But the journey is covered by bus from Rishikesh to Joshimath. You are going to cover Joshimath by rope to Auli. The key route is from Auli to Gorson. The deodar and oak trees as well as the magnificent views of the Nanda Devi peak make this simple trip a rich experience.

9. Winter Trek Kedarkantha: Great campsites among Giant Pines.

Winter treks in Kedarkantha in Uttarakhand are renowned for their beautiful campsites surrounded by giant pine trees. The ascent to the beautiful forest finishes with a glaze. The simple path in the Himalayas is a great winter walk.

10. Trek to the Ski Valley: Dayara Bugyal

Bugyal means “high altitude prairie,” in the local dialect. One of the easiest winter treks in the Himalayas takes you through some of Uttarakhand’s most spectacular wild meadows, spans 28 square km, and offers skiing opportunities for the Nordics and Alps. In fresh winters the vacant shepherd’s huts offer a comfortable stay.

11. A Walk on the Frozen Lake Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is waiting for you in the majestic mountain region for some of the most exciting and adventurous times. This trek to this destination in the Himalayas completely deserves the magnificence of snowfall, calm winds, and Christmas vibes of pine tree trees. This is one of the best walks in the midst of the magnificent Himalayas for the snow trek. The best thing about this trek is the remote path to get to the base camp. It’s just as beautiful as it can!

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