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Want to spend a romantic evening with your life partner in a bright hue of brilliant sunset? or want to get the best experiences in the modernist tales of beauty? If you want to know their answers, then come to this wonderful city of Sacramento. Just at a distance of about 93 miles northeast of San Francisco, this Californian city has many special things to give you away.

From a spectacular wildlife watch to a hang-out session in its trendy cafes, Sacramento has well-established plans to stun you completely. If you are going to spend a valentine’s evening with your special one, Sacramento is ready to give you some best tips. or if you are going to watch some thrilling wildlife, the Sacramento Zoo is always there!!! Just you have to get up from your bed.

Book Spirit Airlines Ticket from its official site and explore what you deserve to see in this beautiful city. The airline is always ready to help its customers without any delay.

Crocker Art Museum

Give a wonderful lead to your journey of Sacramento through the Crocker Art Museum!!! The primary attraction is its main building, which is a grand Italianate Victorian-era mansion, always ready to stun its visitors. The museum displays Californian collections plus African, Asian, European, and Oceanic art. The Crocker Art Museum is one of the most-visited locations of Sacramento and it always impresses its visitors.

California State Railroad Museum

A cool place to visit, well furnished and neat surroundings, lovely displays of trains, the California State Railroad Museum will take off your more than half burden!!! An amazing place to know about trains, their related history, and how they have played a key role in the development of Sacramento, everything that you want to know is here in the California State Railroad Museum. If you are interested too to know about them, please pay a visit to this museum. Book tickets for your family and friends through the Spirit Airline Official website and get amazing offers.

Old Sacramento

Take a deep dive into the historic district of Old Sacramento Town!!! With more than 50 historic buildings, mostly from the 1850s, this area is designated as a National historic landmark & best places of the United States of America. If you are in search of a wholesome package of a memorable journey to the city, this district is already waiting for you with open arms!!! Why don’t you listen to your heart (and family members too) and plan for a detailed visit to this beautiful paradise of historical buildings?

California Automobile Museum

Aren’t you a history buff? Do you know how vintage cars looked like when the world was undergoing an industrial boom? Ask out your family members and friends, maybe they are yearning for an answer too!!! The California Automobile Museum is also a site that should be included in your must-travel itinerary.

Amazing collection of more than 120 vintage automobiles dating from 1885 to 2011, the museum is worth a visit. If you are a car enthusiast, then reserve seats for your family through the Spirit Airlines Reservations portal.

Fairytale Town

Your young kids would love to go to the wonderful Fairytale Town of Sacramento. Ask their opinions and plan a visit to this beautifully fabled site!!! It is a storybook-themed park with 25 play sets based on fairy tales. They would love to know more about fictional fairy tale characters like Cinderella, Humpty Dumpty, Mother Goose, Eeyore the miniature Sicilian donkey, and many others. Apart from visits, the park also highlights learning gardens, puppet shows, a magic Pandora story box, and much more.

Sacramento Zoo

After a hectic city tour, one should lookout for a peaceful location!!! If you want to know that place, it’s Sacramento Zoo, guys!!! Full of stunning wildlife, the spectacular Sacramento Zoo is a place that a visitor wouldn’t love to skip from the itinerary. From aardvarks and African lions to giraffes and jaguars, the zoo is home to more than 500 exotic animals, more than 200 reptiles and provides shelter to 35 species of birds. Want to get a look at its amazing fauna? Then book your journey tickets through the Spirit Airlines Booking portal.

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