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Are you a Guatemala City fan? Apart from the numerous tiny towns with extremely scenic nature and the local communities which makes the handicrafts. It is undoubtedly the most radiant developed City which is full of history, trendy spots and the really 

Busy life.

The most visited place in Guatemala is Tikal. It is the largest archaeological site.

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Antigua Guatemala

If you wish to visit the place on a long holiday? It is the sure place to visit. It consists of good quality hotels at extremely reasonable rates and has trendy restaurants that serve excellent food. You can get involved here where you can do plenty of things.

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Lake Atitlan (Lago de Atitlan)

If you are nature lovers and cannot stand the scenic beauty, it is the most beautiful lake located in the high country. It lies in the volcanic crater, which is 1538 meters above sea level. The hills and the volcanoes also surround it.

Most of the villages present on the shores access the routes by boat! You can visit Pananjachel City. It has picturesque surroundings and scenic beauties which can be the most visit place here!

Chichicastenango Market

The market is also called Chichi, a massive town surrounded by valleys and mountains. The sleepy cobblestone present on Thursday and Sunday is one of the best hosts and most hustle-bustle markets in Guatemala.

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Monterrico and the BiotopoMonterrico Hawaii

Suppose you wish to visit the coastal village of Monterrico with the best feel and the enormous stretch, Monterrico and the BiotopoMonterrico-Hawaii. It is a habitat for the birds chirping and the aquatic life, including the leatherback and Kemp’s ridley turtles.

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Pacaya Volcano

It rose upto 2550 meters, and it offers witness volcanic activity. The lava explosions keep on changing its look each time. If you wish to go hiking here, you can hire the horses here!

Livingston on the Caribbean Coast

The small town of extremely brightly coated houses made of wood is the main source of the attraction. It is present in the jungle among the coconut groves, which lies along Guatemala’s Caribbean Coast. It feels more like the Caribbean as compared to Guatemala because of the population of Garifuna.It has got the impressions of the distinctive culture and the language. The best beaches are present outside the town and can be easily reached by taxi.

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