on demand handyman app
June 18, 2018
Best Tricks for Handyman

Being a handyman isn’t an easy thing. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for handyman all around the world to make life easier for other men battling this profession.

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uber for handyman
June 8, 2018
Are you a Good Handyman?

Who doesn’t like to give off a little bravado when it comes to doing all the odd jobs at home? Often women claim that the sexiest words to come out of a man’s mouth are, “Don’t worry, I’ll fix it.” Well, having said that, is it always possible for one to know how to repair everything that is broken in the house just like the thumbtack clone?

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handyman jobs
June 6, 2018
What are the Different Types of Handyman Jobs?

Everyone needs the assistance of a handyman from time to time. Sometimes it’s the leaky faucet, sometimes a broken shingle. The one who has the demand can easily know what he needs, but the one who wants to offer their services can often find themselves a little hassled.

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