Your Must-Have iOS productivity apps for 2021

Often there are days in the office when we can’t seem to focus on anything. We all have unproductive days where we feel like scrolling through our phones the entire day. However, we all know doing so is just going to add another pile of pending files on our table. As much as smartphones distract us during our working hours, we can also utilise them to improve our concentration. There are specific applications that offer to reduce your stress and keep you focused and productive all day long. 

Although deciding which application to use on your iPhone can be a headache, especially when you want to avoid filling up your phone with unwanted apps. Mobile apple devices have already established their place in the office due to their accessibility for Software as a service (SaaS). Nowadays, even organisations lookout for iOS app development for their business application, since they offer endless benefits. 

So how about we combine productivity with some of our favourite easy-to-use iOS applications? In this article, we have assorted some of the experts recommended iOS applications that can help you manage your time and schedule and unwanted chores, in short, can help you with boosting productivity. 

Let’s have a look at these iOS applications that can help you get a command over your productive schedule.

Microsoft 365:

( The leading office suite)

Microsoft office still remains one of the most ubiquitous office software in the market. Microsoft 365 is its cloud-based version which can be used effortlessly through your iPhone or iPad. While there are other office suites in the market, many have problems interchanging document formats with the system. Microsoft 365 ensures that you are working in a reliable environment with access to all the latest programs. 

Apart from this, the price isn’t particularly expensive, and the Software gives you sufficient features and functionalities to get your job done in a manageable time. 

Salesforce :

(The CRM covers your iPhone productivity) 

Salesforce has established itself as a prominent enterprise platform. The Software contains several features such as communication tool chatter, CRM data tools, diary organisation and other business features that are easily accessible via iPhone. Along with the contextual notifications, the CMS provides daily reports and live dashboards to keep you updated. The chatter tool allows you to start a conversation with your colleagues with the ability to attach files and images. 

If your company encourages mobile apps to promote productivity, Salesforce is just what you need. 

Trello :

Project management is a multifaceted and complex process that can take away all your precious time. Trello aims to ease your headache by bringing everything together on one platform. The platform currently has over 100 integrations with tools such as Slack, Google drive and Jira. Trello is an exceptionally useful app for groups collaborating from home. The platform can virtually connect everyone from HR to Sales to Marketing under one roof and will let you customise the themes and design according to your needs. 

Moreover, you can also share multiple files in one go, create a checklist and even comment on the messages—another brilliant productivity suite. 

Polaris Office :

(Lightweight, good-to-go, just don’t mind the ads)

Polaris Office is an open-source office suite that is well versed with almost all the platforms. The platform is fully compatible with Ms Office and supports various file formats like pdf, ppt, Xls, doc etc. All these formats can be opened, saved and edited through the apps in your iPhone. 

It also comes with 1GB of cloud storage, but you can also connect your provider in order to gain more storage. Polaris supports more than 18 languages. However, free apps can be a home to many unwanted ads, but you can get rid of them by selecting the paid version. Polaris offers you certain price tiers based on a recurring subscription. 

WPS Office:

(The formidable free office suite)

Writer, presentation and spreadsheets (WPS Office) is an office suite developed by Chinese software developer, Kingsoft. The app is free, but ad-supported. The app supports many file types and can convert your PDF to WPS. In addition to this, the app allows you to securely encrypt your files with passkeys so that you can make edits without the fear of losing your work. WPS for custom iPhone application development supports over 48 different languages and is highly compatible with TV or projectors. 


(Apple’s personal productivity App)

Pages is developed by Apple and is a part of the iWork productivity suite. The app cannot be installed in one handy app but has to be divided into three separate applications: Numbers(spreadsheet software), Pages( Word Processor) and Keynote (presentation software). 

With Pages, you can draw and annotate within your documents using an Apple pen. The app also offers its own design templates for resumes, letters and posters that are easy-to-use. 

Productivity is more than just apps.

We know these iOS applications can only help us work up to a specific mark, but our ultimate goal should be to work towards the betterment and develop the proper goal habits. Your productivity can come from anywhere you like; however, these apps can be a free source to your time management tasks. Let us know if we missed anything out.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.