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If you are interested in How to Upload iOS App On App Store then this post can help you! Today, we can assist you in finding the best solution and end up getting excellent results in the end. In fact, the App Store store is the biggest source for all iOS users. They enter the App Store in order to download apps. So, this means that if you have already created your app, you need to have it featured on App store. This will help you enjoy a lot of downloads and become more and more popular day by day. Apple App Store Submission Service is the simplest way to reach millions of possible users. App development is far from being easy because you give 100% to your app, spend hours to create it and devote a lot of energy to the whole process. However, today you will find out How to Upload iOS App On App Store without a hitch.

Nowadays, the number of iOS users is growing day by day and the demand for uploading iOS app becomes a necessity. That is why you should always follow the best guidelines in order to be available for your audience anytime.  If it’s your first app you are launching then it’s worth mentioning that submitting an app to the App Store is not an easy task at all but if you follow the right tips, then it won’t seem to be so complicated. Thanks to this step-by-step post you will finally know every detail about the Apple App Store Submission Service. Here’s what to do in order to have your special place and enjoy Mobile App Publishing Services for App Store.Follow these tips and make your app publishing even easier.

  • Sign up for the Apple Developer Program
  • Analyze your app and prepare for release
  • Create your App Store listing via App Store Connect
  • Make your App Store screenshots
  • Use Xcode to upload your app to App Store
  • Submit your application for review

Sign Up For The Apple Developer Program

First of all, you should be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program. This will enable you to submit your app to the App Store. This Apple App Store Submission Service costs $99/year but it will bring a large number of benefits you will certainly enjoy. These benefits will include:

  • Access to submit apps to the App Stores on all Apple platforms
  • You can create Safari extensions and list them in the extensions gallery
  • Access to Beta versions of Apple software
  • Testing tools like TestFlight
  • App analytics

It goes without saying that if you are going to build an app and release it in the App Store, then look no further and sign up in the Apple Developer Program. Also, do not forget to renew your membership every year. It’s because if you don’t do this step then your apps will be removed from the App Store.

Another important step is App Store Connect. This website is the platform where you can get access to after you sign up. This is the portal where you need to manage everything with the App Store.

Prepare Your App For Submission

You need to make sure that you have created such an app which follows all the App Store guidelines. Your app must go through an app certification process before being live in the Apple App Store. Though you may feel confused about this process but it is highly important to test your app and make sure it is up to the standards.

Analyzing and resting your app is the best way to fix any bugs. By just following the guidelines, you cannot make sure that your app is perfect. You should also make sure it is bug free and crash free. If there is any bug then you won’t succeed. We recommend you testing your app when under conditions where there is low network connectivity, low storage conditions, and also use an old device. Note that normal conditions will not allow you testing your app in the best possible way. Turn to a hacker and it will help you test your app successfully.

Create Your App Store Listing Via App Store Connect

Go to the My Apps menu and select the “+” in order to publish your app. Fill in the needed details about your app including your app name, description, the category, the minimum age of the audience and a privacy policy and support URL.

Make Your App Store Screenshots

In order to create screenshots you can opt for many techniques. You can choose Raw Screenshots which is the fastest way to launch your app. You can also use a mock up template, or use an app store screenshot generator. After creating screenshots, you just need to go back to your app store listing and upload them.

Use Xcode To Upload Your App To App Store

This is another step to enjoy Mobile App Publishing Services for App Store. Note that your app needs to run properly and be clean of errors. Then you need to have your Signing and Team information set up in Xcode. Publishing an app with Xcode 11 is simpler than you could thinkSubmit Your Application For Review

If you’ve already taken care of the app title, description, pricing and screenshots, there’s a great chance that your app will be soon released. Just click on “Submit for Review” button and it will turn blue. After answering some questions, your app will be review by the review team and it will have a yellow tag.  You will get an email whenever your app is approved. So now you know How to Upload iOS App On App Store. Follow these steps and say help to your audience.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.