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With an increasing need for technologically advanced solutions, mobile apps are guiding our future. Consumers today are product specific, and daily, they are exposed to numerous similar web solutions. To differentiate and neutralize the competition, startups should invest in getting dynamic and unique applications built.

To highlight a mobile application and make it different from the rest, startups should hire dedicated AngularJS developers. It should have a beautiful User Interface and a flawless User experience for promoting any product through a mobile application.

AngularJS is an amazing Javascript framework that helps developers to build scalable mobile applications. It helps in making complex project development tasks convenient and completed within time.

Moreover, Angular app development has been gradually proving to be a trusted option for organizations looking for permanent and easy solutions for hybrid and web applications.

It is evident that Angular is a fantastic technology for applications; let’s discuss some amazing examples of mobile apps built using this.

A Brief About Angular

Modern websites mostly rely on programming languages like javascript (JS) to provide various interactive features that users are familiar with.

Developed by Google in 2010, AngularJS the JavaScript framework introduced many useful features that allowed developers to conveniently create rich and single-page applications. But with the changing demands of users and moving time, AngularJS began to show its age and limitations.

An upscaled version of the platform known as Angular 2 was published in 2016, with one of its significant features being the ability to develop applications for numerous platforms, including web, mobile and native desktop (a notably lacking in AngularJS). 

Benefits of AngularJS

  • The Angular environment enables developers to use dynamic web platform capabilities to deliver application-like experiences in Progressive Web Apps.
  • Here developers can reuse their codes and build features quickly with simple templates.
  • Similarly, developers can choose from a wide array of existing components and extend the template language with their components.

Interesting Facts About AngularJS

The Angular framework is considered much faster than its ancestor AngularJS and is maintained by Google Inc. This idea of Angular is unique, and none of the other frameworks has it.

As Angular backs a massive population of developers. It is indeed a one-stop solution for startups looking for an attractive, scalable and dynamic mobile application.

Apps Developed On Angular

Major companies are using Angular to create their apps, but few have become a household name. Below are some fantastic examples you would have heard of.


Parented by Google ( the company that launched Angular) Gmail has a huge subscriber base, as it offers free email service. Gmail supports 105 different languages currently.

Youtube TV

Youtube TV was created with Angular 2 and launched in 2017. It offers affordable access to a myriad of live programming. The service is available on Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, etc. Additionally, it works with smart televisions from market leaders like Samsung and LG.

The YouTube TV Cloud DVR offering enables you to record as much content as you want. The content can be stored for up to nine months, putting an end to the storage limits that most competitors impose.

Microsoft Office

It houses Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. It gives free access to all of these in OneNote, OneDrive and a dedicated online calendar. Subscribers of Microsoft Office 365 get the latest Office apps – both online and desktops versions – with the latest updates. Incidentally, Microsoft developed TypeScript, which is a native language in Angular.


Undoubtedly, AngularJS is a fantastic technology for application development. It helps to improve the performance of an application and make it more scalable.Hire AngularJS developers for getting a customized web solution for your business.

Moreover, it is a dynamic extension of the JavaScript framework, which has made the development process simpler. This conducive framework is used to develop an interactive and attractive Front-End. The framework has evolved, as now developers are relieved to have a solution that has reduced their workload by enabling them to write fewer codes.

Additionally, AngularJS maintains code integrity and is data binding in nature. This self-sufficient framework makes application development more comfortable, robust, advanced and dynamic. The seamless support by Google helps it to remain updated. Brands like Paypal, Netflix and are some of its prominent users.

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