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How Drupal Framework can be the Shining Armor for Your Travel Website?

How Drupal Framework can be the Shining Armor for Your Travel Website?

If you are planning to build a travel website and thinking which content management system to utilize, you must consider Drupal first as it is the most desirable framework for developing a travel website. It is used by thousands of business owners for building their travel websites. A travel website is also like a portal where there is a list of hundreds of tourist destinations with various details like the weather, name, identity, preferable time to travel, and information of the cities. The visitors have the facility to leave comments and give ratings to various destinations.

Moreover, the website also contains a travel blog which can be run by various authors or some of the travelers. The website will also have interactive slideshows and beautiful photo albums. Basically, the travel website has everything from the names of travel destinations to the cost of the entire trip. They also provide customized travel packages so people can visit their favored travel destinations.

There were days when the websites only had to use the HTML pages. Today, even the small travel business website uses the CMS framework. While using the CMS on your website, you have to be careful as you will be stuck in a single CMS for a long time. You have to pay a lot of money and give considerable time to use the different CMS.

A CMS which you are using for creating a website can give you a robust structure. It also facilitates the website for long-term maintenance. Even the CMS has different designs and themes that can be customized easily as per the needs of the company. If you are not sure which CMS to use in the system, you can simply trust Drupal to build your travel website.

Why Drupal is the Ideal CMS for Your Website?

The HTML is not used today for websites and Drupal is in great demand. Drupal is not just the future, it is the present of travel websites. If you are thinking of moving to a different CMS, you cannot miss some of these vibrant and user-friendly features of Drupal. Due to its flexibility and features, Drupal is currently the most favorable option for various government agencies, nonprofits websites, and business associations. With Drupal, you have the chance to build the most agile and user-friendly website without much ado. There are various famous websites that are run by Drupal Such as Tesla Motors, Grammy, eBay, and The Economist. We have provided some of the reasons why you must use Drupal for your travel website.

Customizable Templates and Themes

Even for a normal website, Drupal works like magic, but not all the business can function by using a basic structure. There is an enormous variety of themes and templates that can be used with Drupal and you can also customize it according to your business requirements.

The customers want a website that is modern as well as attractive. From the wide options available for Drupal, you can select your preferred template.

Ensure that the Drupal theme you select must include all the sections you want to show on your website. You can take assistance from the best Drupal web development company to help you with the right theme and structure for your brand new travel website.

Extensive Booking Engine

You will hardly find any travel website without its booking engine. People must have the option to search for travel destinations. So that they can do the booking as per their wish. 

Every CMS has the ability to give add-ons, modules, and plug-ins. This is what makes Drupal the best in inducing state-of-the-art travel booking engines to the website. There are mostly two booking options Drupal platform for websites.

Easy booking

There will be an extension for booking. Once it has been installed within the Drupal, the site visitors will be able to contact the hotel administration, room reservations, and avail discounts and offers in the interface. On top of that, Drupal has two more extensions such as Drupal Commerce and Drupal Rooms. Here, are some of the features;

    • Knowing the Room Availability;

    • Admin-controlled Calendar;

    • Online booking;

    • Responsive Design and Flexible layout;

    • One can function it with major processors and gateways;

    • It also works better with Internet Explorer 8.


BAT is also a popular tool for booking and it is an effective management equipment for Drupal. As the UI of BAT is limited therefore only the experienced Drupal developers can manage it easily. 

If you are required to combine payment and commerce functionality or can allow commuters to select the resources on their own, you would require a significant amount of coding. You can also opt for a standalone direct booking system by using the Drupal module.

Such modules help the business to run 24/7, enabling customers to book their travel tickets at their preferable time and from any corner of the world. Even if you are not a full-fledged travel agency, you can help travelers to make online bookings and payments instead of doing the whole booking procedure online or through phone-call.

Enhance the Scalability of the Website

Drupal has a powerful source code along with its other strong features. Your website will be enhanced as per the traffic. It won’t get delayed or crash even if there is too much traffic during festive or the holiday season. Whether you have to deal with millions or billions of visitors, the Drupal enabled website will handle the traffic very conveniently.

Multiple-author can work in the Website

As your website will make progress and it will get live on the internet, it can run with the help of multiple authors. In order to maintain the buzz of the website or increase its ranking, your team of the writers will need to write creative content and constantly need to publish it.   

Drupal has the advantage of saving various versions of the documents. Each version would be tracked on the basis of its authors, editors, writers, and contributors. The head administrator will be given different roles. Also, many contributors and reputed travelers will be assigned duty as per their caliber. Ensure the content includes even the tiniest detail of the travel destination to keep the audience engaged with it.

Simple and Effective Navigation

When you are developing web pages, online forum threads, review pages, and blog posts, there are chances that you will be able to create quality links in a short time. You will also require a strong navigation system so that the visitors find all the relevant information on the travel website.

Whether you want your visitors to use a responsive search engine or want to have an innovative interface for the navigation system, Drupal will be your helping hand, allowing the tourists to search all the information regarding the sites and also the cost of traveling.

Multilingual Support

Drupal helps you to remove the language barrier quite easily and instantly. It also assists the local travel venture to work globally with a single Drupal installation. The majority of the tourists can belong to a country where English is not the official language. Therefore, not knowing the English language must not become a hindrance to any of the tourists. With multilingual support, the tourists are able to decide the language and can effectively go through the travel website. There are some of the core modules in Drupal 8 that helps in translating the entire website.

Advantage of Open Source Movement With Drupal

You do not have to bother about the installation cost as Drupal is completely free. It is an open-source CMS built for PHP. Your developers and designers have to simply download the files from the website, upload it in the FTP server, and it is done. The basic framework will work within a stipulated time. 

Another perk of using Drupal for your travel website is that there are convenient updates on its CMS. As it is open-source, enthusiastic developers are developing their add-ons and modules. You always have the facility to use the updated version of the CMS.


Have you made up your mind to use Drupal for your travel website? Then, you would require a team of developers who have the skills to run Drupal and molding it to the benefit of your business. If you wish to make a popular travel website, rely on a reputed web development company to provide you with professional Drupal website development. Drupal is not just developing fast, but it has completely changed the scenario of modern web development.

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