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In this Covid-19 lockdown situation, many global businesses have come to a halt and the concept of software outsourcing is increasing and becoming more meaningful. If your business’s growth is dependent on your software project and your development team has multiple things served on the plate, then you should hire software outsourcing developers.

Earlier, businesses used to send small tasks to offshore developers to take the benefit of cost, but now, hiring software outsourcing companies have become the new norm.

Testimonies and surveys speak the truth!

According to a study conducted by Technavio, the global IT outsourcing market will expand at a CAGR of 5% during 2020-2024.

The demand for software outsourcing services keeps surging as businesses want to optimize their processes, gain greater benefits including cost, security, out-of-the-box development services, and align their strategic planning with their operational strategies. Outsourcing is undoubtedly the best solution that will reduce your IT team’s workload and help your business to create a simple path that leads to success.

What Is Software Outsourcing?

Software development outsourcing is the process of hiring offshore developers or third-party agencies who are highly knowledgeable in all complex tasks related to software development. A thoughtful step by most technology-oriented companies that helps them focus more on core business tasks and reduce the thrust on the internal teams.

Many tech and non-tech businesses think of hiring software outsourcing developers to save time and cost. In most cases, expanding to a larger talent pool and accessing more skilled and expert professionals, the outcome of outsourcing is numerous.

Why Software Outsourcing Is A Great Idea For Your Business?

1. Managing Risks and Compliance

Hiring software outsourcing developers allow you to diminish the risks associated with handling your project. They have in-depth knowledge in solving complex queries and provide an excellent solution for your development task because they follow a high-quality project management system that has been tested across their past and on-going projects.

When you are planning for software outsourcing, you’re setting out to work with a great talent pool who will take care of legal compliance-related queries and forging contracts with your clients.

2. Flexibility and Speed

Flexibility and speed are the key points of outsourcing tasks. All small businesses are not the same, and this is the fact that software outsourcing agencies understand.

There are various options so that if one looks slow and plan A fails, then plan B is immediately available. A good software outsourcing company helps you to save time and money by offering out-of-the-box services and a separate development team for your project.

If you are planning to hire offshore developers for a long-term basis, you’re likely to get benefits from the dedicated team that stays with you throughout the development process to achieve the same goal.

3. Value Your Core Business

When your business is effectively utilizing the innovation of outsourcing software development services, your in-house team can concentrate more on functional key roles that are important in the core business.

Established and successful businesses understood the importance of software outsourcing and have invested in it correctly and in an efficient manner. Hiring offshore developers lead your business process to fulfill the quality end products.

4. Enhanced Security

If your development team is loaded with extra work due to multiple projects, the innovation and effective processes applied to one project decreases. This can result in increasing the risk of security structure and accelerate more when you don’t have a dedicated team to start with your project development.

When you’re outsourcing software development services, you’ll have a dedicated development team and software testers can carefully cover your software project and its security.

The software developers will ensure that the code is created without any breaks and loopholes, which promises security to a great extent.

5. Focused Strategy

It is sometimes possible that your in-house team is dealing with more than one project simultaneously which may affect the quality of your project and delay in submission. If you want high-quality software and don’t want to compromise on quality, then you need to invest some time and money to recruit and train your in-house team.

However, when you’re planning to outsource software development, you will get expert and well-trained dedicated developers without hiring and recruiting them yourself.

6. Effective Communication Channels

When using agile methodologies, you’re involved in the project but that doesn’t mean you’re on-site. It depends on the model of the software outsourcing company, you may be on another continent.

Therefore, the outsourcing software development companies will have seamless communication tools that will maintain transparency in project development. Software outsourcing allows you to stop worrying about the development process because you get consolidated updates through the agency when any task is implemented.

7. Cost-effective and Time-saving

Other than an established business, small and medium-sized companies may not have in-house talents. In such cases, software outsourcing is the best option which saves a lot of time in hiring, managing, and technical equipment cost.

For newly started businesses, hiring offshore developers is a secure method that is 24/7 available to solve the challenging task of your business and also help them to save 2X on operational cost. Additionally, they will also monitor support and give each detail related to your project throughout the development process and make sure to maintain transparency in any way.

8. End-to-End Service

A proficient and leading software outsourcing company is always eager to know the client’s requirements by identifying their business objective understanding at every stage. The dedicated development team of an outsourcing company is aware of the market scenario, so according to that they will handle your project and save you time and efforts. If you think your in-house team is lacking behind in solving the major business task and cannot effectively handle a project, it is advisable to hire offshore developers who can help.

Software outsourcing is the new norm and one of the fastest-growing industries that people are running into it blindly. From hiring and managing all your complex queries and successfully delivering your project, outsourcing has helped businesses in achieving the predetermined goals.

In the technological era of competition, innovation, and modern technologies, outsourcing software development is the key to your success which allows businesses to focus on the core functionalities and address the progress.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.