Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 is The Best Investment For Your On-Demand Business

Launching a White-Label On-Demand App like Gojek is Stressful because Entrepreneurs usually backpedal from the Idea of Launching the App. However, here’s the Breaking News – Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 has launched only to become the Best Investment Opportunity! If you’re wondering about how to create an App that turns in high Returns on Investment then, Dear Entrepreneurs, here’s what you need to do: 

Get a White-Labelled Multi-Service App ASAP! 


Freshly Added Components 

KINGX 2022 comes inclusive of Two New Components besides the existing 70+ Major On-Demand Services. 

  • Online Video Consultation: After Downloading the User App and Registering on it, the Users can book an Online Video Consultation with Doctors, Advocates, Fitness Coaches, etc. They can Schedule the Online Session as per their Preferred Day, Date, and Time. 

Once the Time Slot is chosen and booked, only the Service Provider can initiate the Video Call. Before starting the Video Call, the Provider and App User can chat or talk via the In-App Chatting and Voice Calling Feature. 

  • Service Bidding: This new component lets the Service Provider bid for the Task Posted by the User. Plumbers, Painters, Carpenters, and other Handyman can Bid for the Service. The User only has to fill out a Form on the Gojek Clone User App with details like their Job Category, Budget, Service Location, Additional Instructions, and Preferred Date & Time.

Top-Notch Features 

What’s the point of selling 70+ On-Demand Services without providing Features for a Seamless Experience? That’s why the App includes an array of Futuristic Features such as: 

  • Taxi Booking via iWatch App: Allows Booking Taxi Rides from the iWatch Rider’s App. iPhone Users with an iWatch can enjoy Hands-Free Taxi Booking! 
  • Login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning: Users can activate the Face ID Login on their iPhone and Touch ID for Android Phones. Along with adding an Extra Security Layer on App Login Process, this Feature also eliminates the hassles of remembering Usernames & Passwords. 
  • Providers can Upload Videos in the Gallery: Cubetaxi Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 Service Providers can now Upload Videos of their Work along with pictures. This allows them to showcase their Cleaning Methods, Beauty Treatments, Sanitized Kitchens, and more! 

KINGX 2022 is Affordable 

Entrepreneurs now don’t have to incur a Huge Cost of a Quarter of a Million US Dollars to build the App from Scratch. The Clone App Script is the Most Affordable Option to establish an On-Demand Multi-Service Start-Up.  

The Entire KINGX 2022 Package inclusive of iOS & Android Apps, Website, and Admin Panel can be purchased at a Peanut-Sized Investment as compared to US$250,000. On Top of that, the Profit-Centric Business Models help the App Owner to get better Returns on Investment via Commission. 

Free Demo App! 

Entrepreneurs get to take a Free Demo App Trial of a Cubetaxi App Like Gojek. This Free Trial ensures that the App Owner first Tests the Base App into the Real-Environment until they feel completely satisfied with the App’s Functionality. Based on this Test Drive, the App Owner can figure out what Customizations they want to have. Moreover, they can use the Demo Apps for as long as they want until they finally decide to Purchase the entire KINGX 2022 Package! 


Do you want to become an Entrepreneur in 2022? Well, Launch your very own On-Demand Multi-Services App and take your Entrepreneurial Dreams to a whole new level! 

Launch the Apps in just 7 Days’ Time. Start earning Easy and Quick Money Hassle-Free. Grab your Phone and contact the White-Labelling Firm with the Most Perfect and the Biggest App in the entire World!