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This Digital Era demands every Business to build an Online Presence. From having a Website to Social Media Accounts on Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., every Business needs to be Online 24×7. Thus, for a Business operating through Manual Entry Systems, Physical Stores, or any other Conventional Way, it is time to upgrade for the Modern Generation. Level Up your Business with Gojek Clone App


Here are 10 Reasons you must Read Through! 

1. Has Online Video Consultation as a New Component 

The Component facilitates the App Users to Book or Schedule a Video Consultation with Doctors, Yoga Instructors, Lawyers, etc. For example, the user can select Doctor > General Physician > Next to get the entire List of Doctors to choose from!  

2. New Smart Login Methods

Android App Users can Login with Touch ID, while iPhone Users can Login through their Face ID. Thus, Users can enjoy Trouble-Free Login without remembering Passwords or Usernames! 

3. Driver Reward Feature

This Feature is more like a Loyalty Program where the Drivers get to Earn Monetary Rewards. The App Admin credits in Rewards to Driver’s Bank Account or In-App Wallet for every New Level or Badge Achievement for providing Good Services and More Trips.

4. Multiple Credit Card Management on Gojek Clone 

The User and Provider App, both have this Function to Add, Delete, and Manage Multiple Credit Cards. They can save the Credit Card Details and use them to pay for the Services. 

5. Facebook and Google Ad Integration

Gojek Clone App Owners can enjoy the key Perk of this amazing Feature, that is, humongous Revenue Generation from Ads. The App Owner can integrate the Ads on the Home Page Screen of the App and earn a great Revenue Percentage from the App! 

6. Video Calling with Provider 

The App Users can now place a Video Call with their Assigned Taxi Driver or Delivery Driver. This feature comes in addition to In-App Chatting and Voice Calling Options. Thus, both parties can Communicate better with this KINGX 2022 Advanced Feature. 

7. Providers can Upload Multiple Images and Video 

Another reason to opt for this App is that Gojek App Clone allows the Registered Providers to Upload Videos in the Gallery. The feature enables them to showcase their Services and Previous Works through Videos for better User Clarity.  

8. Country Wise Payment Gateway Support 

The Entrepreneurs never have to worry about Business Expansion across different Countries because the App supports different Payment Gateway Systems. For Instance, if a USA-Based Entrepreneur wants to start their App in Kenya, they can shift from say, PayPal to the Locally supported M-Pesa Mobile Payment Gateway. 

9. Accept Back-to-Back Trips 

The Feature allows the Drivers to accept Back-to-Back Trips even while they’re still completing an On-Going Trip. This way, the Driver can earn more without having to wait longer for Trip Requests. 

10. Taxi Booking via iWatch App 

The Feature is exclusive to Gojek Clone App. Now, the Registered Users can book a Taxi Ride directly from their iWatch Rider’s App. Thus, they no longer have to take out their Phones and send a Ride Request to nearby Taxi Drivers. Also, Users can Pay the Driver via the iWatch itself! 


Now that you have 10 Solid Reasons to get your App and Launch it in the On-Demand Service Market, Now is the Perfect time to do it. Apps like Gojek are highly demanded presently because they offer 70+ On-Demand Services on a Single Digital Platform. 

Well, become a Successful Entrepreneur by earning Easy and Quick Money!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.